White Rider Pestilence
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Name; Verene

Race; Star dasher
Gender; Female

Age; Unknown, could be ageless

Height; 4'9"
Weight; 120
Type of body/build; Small, slender for her size, won't be getting any bigger.

What she would sound like; TBD

Personality traits; Calm, timid, kind to a point (she needs to trust you first),

Abilities; Unknown at this time

Likes; Putting flowers in nice arrangements, making tea, pretty things
Dislikes; When she can't find what she's looking for. Someone wanting to fight her.

Other; Has many pseudo gems, one is real. That one is a secret. Her hair gem doesn't weight as much as it seems, it could have less of a density or be hollowed in the middle. Isn't good at defending herself, is likely to hide, or hide behind a stareater/thing that can protect her. Not trusting out outer species from her own and cousins. Likes to inhabit forests, preferably with a small cottage within it.