So, I moved away from Nicholasville to Lexington, moved in with my mom.
Everything was fine..until early this month. (January 2014)
Story time!:

Living with my grandparents was stressing me out to no end and tons of stress can mean no period.
So I made arrangements to move in with my mom last month(December 2013).
The day before moving day, my grandparents got pissy and wouldn't let me have garbage bags to put my things in. - . -
The next morning, I rushing to do EVERYTHING, get to my mom's house and everything was fine throughout the month.
OH! That no period thing? I'm pregnant..very pregnant. At this current moment, the baby is kicking. > . <
I mean...I didn't FEEL pregnant until last month..
WELL, I find out that my granddad had a stroke and got put in the hospital, so my aunt took my there to see him, get taken off of my mom's food stamps(because she never let me use my share) and get WIC for myself.
My mother gets pissy and s**t and ultimately kicks me out..which I don't care. She made me sleep on a mattress on the floor and let me get eaten by bedbugs for two weeks..
Sooo...I'm currently about..4 months pregnant and living with my boyfriend.
I love it..but I feel like I'm just putting too much pressure on him.
I'm pretty scared..but at the same time, I love this.