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Setsuna's StoryBook
~*~ Welcome to my Journal! Thank you for choosing it to read! Hope you enjoy the little stories that popped out of my brain! ~*~
Diabolik Lovers Rant #2
Everything I like and hate about everything in the anime smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


Ayato - I think he's funny, and I kinda like him. Not in the way I like Kanato, but I wouldn't mind hanging out with him lmao. His pride is kinda funny. And I like how he's a little bratty haha. Also, I think he deserves Yui. I haven't seen him in the game, even though everyone likes him better in the game, but I want Yui to stay with him and away from Kanato =w= But I don't know how much I can trust the fandom, so...

Raito - Goddammit, is Raito or Laito? I say Raito. Either way, he's funny too. Probably tied for my second fave with Subaru lol. And if I had to choose a second bishie out of this anime, it'd be him hahaa.

Kanato - Aka the one who ruined my life. He's so god damn CUTE. AND HOT. AND HIS VOICE. Especially in the Drama CDs, just, guuuh. I have posters and keychains of him. -_- I don't know why I'm always attracted to the insane characters, maybe I'm Do-M, or Do-S, even. Because I wouldn't mind him getting mad at me at all =u=;. It's so fricken cute when he cusses or something, because it doesn't fit his character >u< And when he actually calms down and kinda acts his age, it's just so fricken sexy like DUDE. LOVE ME.

Subaru - Ahh, Subaru. The normal (more or less) one. He's so cute when he tries to be tough but he ends up being tsundere. And I read that he has no friends in school, and thats so sad ;^; I wanna be his friend too smilies/icon_sad.gif And his voice kinda cool. If Yui doesn't take Ayato because he can sometimes be a bit annoying, I say she picks Shuu or Subaru.

Shuu - Nothing much about Shuu. He didn't really have much screen time in the anime, except when he owned Ayato at darts lol. He's kinda boring, but he's kinda the staple of the anime/Drama CDs, so...

Reiji - Fricken Reiji. Aka Sebastian's lookalike. I love how he's kinda the mom of all of them xD And he tries to boast about him being top of the class or something, but nobody really cares. I feel a little bad, but it's funny xD And I wish he killed Yui or something, with the poison :I

Yui - I don't think I've ever hated a character more than Yui. Ever. Call it jealousy, but she's also preeetty stupid. She tries so hard to get away because she "doesn't like it" but she chooses to stay. Like wtf? She acts like she doesn't know what they're gonna do to her and she acts all innocent. Like dude. They're vampires. Did you not notice??? But I wish she turned into a vampire. That would've been bad A. And she can have Ayato, Shuu, or Subaru. I prefer Ayato. Just as long as it itsn't Kanato c:

The Story - The story was really cool. I liked the whole idea of Cordelia being such a b* that she put her heart in Yui... but I find it really weird how she treated her kids :I I just wish it would've elaborated on Yui's past just a liiiitle bit more. And maybe not just on Richter, but on Karlheinz too. And I wish there were more casual episodes, like at school. They had those in the Drama CDs, but I really would've liked to see it animated :/ Also, the anime makes the series seem waaaay to serious. I mean, they're still (sorta) humans. They're just irresponsible teenage boys, save Reiji, In the anime, they make it seem like they are some cult of vampiric demons, but I mean, they can't help it. They go to school and celebrate holidays and stuff. I wonder what they would say if we asked if they enjoy being vampires... I just wish there were more casual relationship type episodes :/
(Also, it would be even better if Yui got traded over to the Mukamis. Just saying)

So, the anime itself I give a 3/5, because it's mainly about Yui's relationship with Ayato and the others. The potential the story had, I'll give a 4/5.

Now im done smilies/icon_smile.gif

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