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Dangdut music of Indonesia is the original product which is a blend of various colors of music such as Indian, Arab, Malay and Latin America. And thank God, Dangdut is now going international success. This success can not be separated from so many people or artists who meritorious to build and develop dangdut from era to era.

The artists who contributed dangdut drove into the path of success as now it must have been so many challenges and obstacles. Scramble Malay music rights claims between Indonesia and Malaysia are artists who fought in the 50s is one such example. Therefore, Dangdut serve as a solution to address the rights of the claim. The music which is actually derived from the Malay Deli and then mixed and processed by blending a variety of other musical colors and also other instruments such as Arabic and Indian. The combination is what sets it apart from the original Malay. This is also done in order to avoid hostility with which he is more entitled Malaysia claim. With the birth of Dangdut, both in terms of music or language, then it is no longer there is no contradiction between the two artists from both countries.
Barriers and other challenges faced by the founders and magnifying the music does not stop here. Internal factors of the country also did not escape into one part that must be fought artist and founder of the music, especially when the New Order regime. At this time, the government banned this genre because the songs are considered whiny. In addition, there are many restrictions circulation of tapes containing criticism of the government. One example of creative works Indonesian song in the album Sonetanya Rhoma Irama. The song was criticized government policy in terms of welfare of the people of Indonesia are considered unfair. The rich get richer the poor get poorer. Not only that, when Rhoma Irama the time it joined the United Development Party (P3) also successfully led the party as a winner in the city on Election 1982, Rhoma subsequently banned in the only state-run television station at the time, TVRI.
In addition to the resistance of the government, also comes from the general public or the majority of artists who stand above other genres (Rock, Pop etc). They did not hesitate to berate, insult and not a few who do sabotage when there are performances or performances Dangdut music. However, they did not flinch at all. They kept going to prove that dangdut deserve to be loved and liked.
Innovation and creativity of the artist and go, from generation to generation continues, both in terms of musical arrangements that add color and distinction of Malay Native to the instrument or the addition of modern instruments such as Drums, Keyboard, Piano, Violin, Trumpet, and so on. Be Dangdut music as we often hear now which has now become a king in his own country and also go International. Even Malaysia, which had once disputed claims Malay music as above, also one part dangdut go international success.
Really great services of the founders and artists who have been willing to serve, serve, and retain and promote dangdut despite various obstacles hindrance to him. Who are the people who meritorious to the success of dangdut?.

Here is a list of persons meritorious against dangdut:

1. P. Ramlee
2. Said Effendi
3. Ellya Kadam
4. Husen Bawafie
5. Munif Bahaswan
6. M. Mashabie
7. Rhoma Irama
8. Mansyur S
9. Elvy Sukaesih
10. Arafiq

That is whoever meritous for success Dangdut. Hopefully, the mild info useful for blog visitors, especially visitors from overseas. Thank you.

Source:Dangdut Is Original Music Of Indonesia