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Why a Female Avatar or Who is Trish?
First of all let me say thank you for reading this post, now onto the meat of the subject. When I started this account I had already been a member on Gaia for a few month's, then I decided to create this account formally known as blazing_shadow_dragon and now as Moxie_Lass_Trish. I started Roleplaying using Gaia as my main site of choice, I made the mistake of using the same two characters all the time the twins Kimiko and Kain. Then a few years ago I created "WTF Japan isn't supposed to be like this!" an rp that mocked the various tropes in anime, but at the same time celebrated them. Though it failed becoming far to serious and a shameless self insertion game, it began a series of games one of which is on going at the moment.

The end result are is two anime forms of my self Trish and Alex who I use for game Avatars in games such as Pokemon to Mass Effect. I will begin writing journals each one reflecting a Different variation of Trish.

It's a Trap! I'm male but Trish isn't. Why? See my Journal.