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Mango Juice + Samurai Champloo
Mango juice. That s**t is godly <3

I've been replaying Dragon Quest IX and... if you play DQIX you're familiar with fyggs... it's like I'm drinking fygg juice (the mango juice) while playing this ******** game. Ugh <3

And it's going to be rainy weather in San Diego soon so... it's like a whiplash of nostalgia in mah face.

Speaking of nostalgia, our fan-fiction group is going to be watching Samurai Champloo!!! I am so excited!!!

Most of the OST from that anime are created by the legendary Nujabes, which I have been listening to for a very long time. And I just can't handle it. This is insane.

Welp. Have a beautiful January, sorry East Coast smilies/icon_sad.gif