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3 years have been
Its like, YEAH im on a hurry, boringness has come so deep today that I can hardly imagine what to do to spend some time.

NOPE not anymore excersice for today. I can hardly move without pain until today.
So what had happen? I traveled, I wasted, I learned, I gained TONS, then I lost them all (keepin' on it), I've been socializing less and less, I'm a reader, now I speak chinese, I keep livin' at same old town, as I did before taiwan, oup... I lived in Taiwan for 1 year (exchange). I'm a smoker a drinker and a society ********, I'm a hater eventually.

God DAMN IT! I miss so much people at these point. ALL my feelings are about to explote on my mind. Love, sadnes, melancholy. And I just remembered these online journal where EVERYBODY will definetly give a ******** about my life.

BTW, yes, I'm happy. But its hard to keep happy when you turn to see the world on a reality.