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The Ramblings of a Black Cat
This will just be my journal of randomness, my thoughts, maybe babble about my day. Share cute pics of my dog,maybe some art I've done.

So I just woke up from the strangest dream, it is kind of blurry now but —

I had to be like maybe in my late teens, somewhere around 18. Could of been on the high school end or the college end I’m not sure. I was young enough that I was still living with my father (though my father in my dream was not *MY* father lol and I didn’t live with him or even know him lol).

So I get enrolled in this school that turns out to be a really weird place, they teach you odd things, what those odd things were I can’t actually remember now but it was odd. XD

And sometimes, students would be chosen for something and called out of class and then we’d never see them again. A few of us began to theorize and we wondered if maybe these people were aliens orsomething. Testing children for whatever and doing whatever to them O_O.

My father seemed to be in on this too, so there was this guy who began visiting the school. There was something really shady about him that made me feel uneased I don’t know what it was. As I continued at the school I began to realize I had sort of powers, I don’t really remember what powers I had but one of them was healing.

As time passed a few of my friends who had “abilities” too were “chosen” and disappeared, I began to investigate further for their sake continuing our suspcions and came to find that they were taken to an underground lab in the complex and put through these machines. Their screams were terrible.

I snuck around a lot and saw quite a lot of things but eventually did get caught, I managed to evade them somehow and made it out of the building but people were coming so I hid in this office place a few buildings down.

Not sure how but I began pretending to be one of the little helper girls that got coffee and sent mail off and stuff for the people at their desks lol.

Eventually I knew I had to get out of there and go somewhere but where… ?

I happened to look out the window as one of the last of the teachers were leaving and unfortunately for my bad luck she noticed me. So I took that moment to run off out of the building so she got in her car and was chasing me but I had a headstart and ran in directions that she couldn’t follow.

As I am running down this street towards this large intersection my phone rings so not really considering it’s probly the bad guys trying to track me lol I answer it. To my surprise it’s a friend, one of the friends who disappeared “before” he had been “chose”.

He asked where I was and without thought I told him, my heart sank as I could hear him telling someone where I was. This was it he was one of the bad guys now I guess… and as I went to hang up on him he called out for me not to, how he knew I don’t know perhaps one of his abilities?

He responded with the most surprising thing, directions. “Go this way and do this and that so they can’t find you. We are arranging for someone to meet you. ” I’m flabergashted by this but do as he says and run off down towards the light rail station. I steal this chick’s bike and begin riding on the safe shoulder of the tracks to the next station.

He tells me when I get there to shut off my phone and throw it in the trashchan. MY PHONE!? Smartphones Q___Q but I do as he says and as I come out there are people waiting for me. They have a taxi already and they take me off to this mall where he is.

He is with a group of people, including that shady looking man. They tell me that we need to get me a change of clothes since they would of reported what I was wearing. So we first go to a store and then a hair salon where they change the style and color of my hair as we are traveling through the mall, he explains that these guys are from the future. So are the people from that school.

That this “shady guy” who I eventually find out, is my husband from the future (and the older version of the friend who is helping me lolwtf) and that something happens in the future timeline and I suddenly disappear, amongst many other things that abruptly change in the timeline. So these people come out to find out what happens and to stop it.

I woke up a few after that …

Weird dream is weird lol.

Kitty Seirei
Community Member
Kitty Seirei
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