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This will be things for the account which was mainly made for RPing.
Bother / Sister:
They would have lived together since about age 13 and then their parents got a divorce. The daughter went with the mother and the son with the father. Of course, now that the children are older and have the opportunity to contact each other without the consent of their parents, they decide to meet up for the first time in almost ten years. Of course, there could be a lot of parent drama and the sister would have been ugly the last time he saw her, zits, braces, etc. Now the bother is getting to know her and he starts having feelings for her to throw another wrench into the works. (Maybe the father invites the daughter to spend the week with him and the brother or something then gets called on a business trip or they don't live together at all.) To make it more interesting, she could work at a strip club and maybe she got really drunk one night and went home with her brother, who of course she didn't know was her brother at the time then finds out later.

Good boy / Mean girl
The girl bullied the boy in high school, bullies everyone because her father died. She didn't want anyone to know and make fun of her so she built up walls. She only has her best friend now who is now getting married to the boy's best friend. During high school, the boy knew there was something more to this girl than the bully everyone makes her out to be. He sees this frail little girl inside her and little does he know, she picks on him more than anyone else because she likes him. Of course, she couldn't give in to her emotions. Now that her best friend was getting married to his best friend, they have to see each other again after about 3 years of being apart.

Bride/Best man:
The groom's best friend was the bride's true love from high school. I mean like, head over heels, crazy madly in love, fairy tale relationship sort of thing but his family was moving away for a while and they both knew the girl would be too unstable without him so he tried to help her move on with her life. He told his best friend to help her while he was away and she ended up falling in love with his best friend. The problem was they weren't right for each other at all and it was too clear. He was a workaholic, she was a free spirit. Three years after her true love left, she was engaged to the best friend. Of course when the love moved back in to town, he would be the best man for the wedding. Sparks start to fly between the two of them again.

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