Not much happened at work, we got off early last night from work because we didnt have enough work to go around to all of my co-workers and myself, so a few of us went home early, Nods emotion_hug

Got to build a tiny bit more on the Treehouse Project in my Minecraft but it is such a Monster, it is eating so many supplies up it is crazy, this thing maybe one of the biggest builds I have ever attempted without realizing when I started it, lol emotion_awesome
(Its already at close to 500+ materials and the Living Quarters still are not finished.) lol

Will have to go on a small trip Friday to get somethings from the next town over, so maybe gone for part of the day there but I shall be back, Hugs (Have to see about getting my cell fixed is the biggest part of this, it wont let me call any numbers and says its doing something werid when you try to call out) emotion_donotwant

Still drinking water like a fishy, and trying to be careful what I eat, Hugs