Just a little update on my life's story.

The guy I had devoted myself to for 5 years has finally pushed me out of his life. Hehe, it was painful but it also gave me the chance to move on. I'm finally free of the curse of having to lie and keep my love for him a secret. I can now move on and focus on my own future.

I am currently being helped by a good friend of mine. He's another friend that I've known for a few years now and he's going through some emotional things as well. I've promised him that I would help him out so long as he didn't just disappear out of my life. He's also decided that he's going to help me get my confidence back and help me back up on my feet.

I feel though that being called "beautiful" and "cute" or any of those kinds of things though cause me a bit of pain. Those were the things that my old love told me but.. Knowing the things I know now make me feel like he didn't mean it at all. I feel like I don't meet the requirements to be called "beautiful" by everyone's standards. That and I don't want people to just look at my external qualities.. But also see what's deep inside me.

Oh well.. Maybe someday someone will find these qualities within me that make me truly beautiful.. Until then I'll just try to help others the best I can and help everyone out whenever I can.