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jan 09
hum.. i just realized i havent posted here in awhile.. haha...

not much happened during the xmas break.. we had the whole ice rain thing and everything was frozen and we had no power for 3 days

went to niagara falls for xmas (cause we had no power at home) and ate at this all you can eat steakhouse.. it was pretty good but i felt like i never want to see meat again after cause i ate soooo much! their portions are HUGE!

went to toronto downtown/city hall for the new years count down with some friends
it was pretty fun but soooo cold and i lost my hat
cause there's only one exit but people dont seem to understand the concept of walking without pushing like civilized citizens... i though i was going to die... like literally
cause people are pushing soooo much and no one can get through.. the air was being pushed out of my lungs and then i fell
i reached up and grabbed some random person so i dont get trampled over and he told me
"this is how people die on black fridays... they fall and people just walk over them"

so... school just started again.. i just had my first class with my prof and he is sooo intense... @______@
cause he talks really fast and there's just sooo much content
someone asked him "can you please post your lecture powerpoint slides on our course website before the lecture so we have enough time to read it over and prepare?"
and his answer was "i usually make my slides the last minute... like today's lecture slides, i didnt finish making them until 5 this morning so asking me to post them in advance is pushing it a bit"
then the person asked "so can you post them after the class? because you move so fast and there's no way we can copy down all the information during class"
and he said "hahaha... NO"
like wowow what?!?! and there's no textbook for the class either?! i guess that's a good think cause it saves me money... but that also means he's just talking about whatever he feels like instead of having a exect outline of the course content...!!!
im really scared now... hahaha....

my advanced anatomy class is pretty hard too... ;____;
im gonna diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee