This shall be my first legit journal entry in gaia.
No random emoticons or pieces of craptastic "bump" "bored" things. You get the point.

First, let me introduce myself.
My name is Carlos Miguel Evangelista, 19 years old. A third year Clinical Laboratory Science Student at Trinity Univeristy of Asia, Philippines. An avid fan of Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix (Yes, I'm in to indie rock). I am also an aspiring beatboxer. Currently I am consumed by studying medical books, terms that can lead your nose into having an epistaxis. That is me.

So, to start of, how did I discover Gaiaonline?

It was in the year 2007...

I was using my nicksplat account that time when a "friend" from Malaysia told me to check out Gaiaonline. I was hesitant at first, thinking that it might lead me to a Porn Site or something that contains viruses, but I was talking to a person in a nickelodeon site so I told myself: "Ok, I'll check it out (IN A VERY VERY UNREADABLE FONT)".

So there I was, creating my account. My username before is s1lv3r, then became s1lv3rb1ad3, I chose this because of my obsession that silver things kill most of the supernatural beings; that and I like the silver color together with the number 13. Anyways, the first thing I noticed about Gaia that the graphics was a lot like Ragnarok Online but with a less violent approach (considering that time there was no zOMG). Immediatly I took a liking of customizing my avatar to look good unlike the MMORPG which just sticks to one design at that time. I also like the forums, some were good, some where bad, others worse; there I "learned" to interact and talk trash with other people, considering I was 10 years old that time. I also learned that begging from other people will not work and they will just tell you to earn it the hard way, which was by that time either playing the market or solving a 500 pc. jigsaw puzzle.

-this is my vacant time today, I'll just continue this some other time (If I acquire some)