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A few Books.
A little writing since I plan on being a writer.
RP Idea.
Takes place in LA

Multiple fantasy races

Based loosely on the Sandman Slim novels by Richard Kadrey.

Name: Revelation: The Beginning

Theme: Modern Fantasy/Angel/Demon RP

Synopsis: Work In Progress

Races: Choose or create your own original race.


You're world is about to be turned upside down. What if those creatures you see in movies, read about in books, or draw in your little notepad were real? What if the world as you know it isn't what is seems? Welcome to the Underworld. Contrary to the popular belief that we're where the dead rest, we are actually an entire collection of civilizations. Vampires, werewolves, Jades, Goblins, Ghouls and more exist within our collection. The Underworld is just that, underneath the real world. At night, we roam. At night, we live. At night, we thrive. We aren't allergic to the sun, the night hides our true selves. During the day, we appear as normal humans, as working men and women, but at night we transform into our true selves.

The truth is, the world cannot handle us. When we came to be, we were attacked, terrorized, and murdered. We were devastated beyond belief, so we formed this covenant to defend ourselves. Since then, it's become what it is today, a group of races and civilizations that stand together beneath the shadow of the human reality. Humans can't accept us, they won't accept us. To them we're soulless monsters who are only there to kill their babies and drink their blood at night. The truth is, we don't do anything of the sort.

The city is Los Angeles. Hollywood is our domain and where we are the most at home, why? Because it's full of people who wouldn't think twice about a walking wolf, the place attracts all kinds of weird.

At the top of our Covenant are our leaders who are called the Magicians. The magicians are normal humans blessed with magical powers. These humans are few in number, but stronger than any race known to us. The Magicians guard us, protect us, and police us. They're the top dogs.

Now, you know a little about us, get ready for more.

Heaven and Hell are real places. They're true in form and function, with heaven acting as paradise, and Hell as a place of punishment. However, Angels aren't what they seem to be. Angels hate humanity, they only exist to protect them and in all the years they've been doing so they've become fed up with them and their sinful ways. In Hell, Hellions are warring against one another over who will command them and lead them into Heaven for one final showdown. God has disappeared from our universe, but some say he watches from afar, and Lucifer is attempting to calm the Hellions and keep them from attacking Heaven.

Here we are stuck in the middle of it. The underworld is slowly crumbling beneath the pressure of having to pick sides. With thousands of our kind joining the Angels and the Hellions, few remain neutral to the situation. The Angels have created an agency on Earth to recruit followers from the Underworld. The agency is known as the Vigilant Defenders. The VD are pompous, but powerful and numerous.

Meanwhile, the Hellions have created another agency, the Seven Circles, which is smaller, but much more powerful.

So, the question is; which side will you join? Will you lead your own crusade for God or against him? Will you remain neutral and ride it out? Or will you join Lucifer in an attempt to calm the situation? Perhaps you'll do nothing.


An angel's true appearance is that of an armored, blessed, figure with white and speckled grey, wings that stretch high into the air. The form they take on Earth can vary from Angel to Angel. They're usually armed with a weapon alight with holy fire that they may summon whenever they need it. They will use firearms in their human disguise. The angels can also possess a human mind if they need it.

A Hellion is a fallen angel. They dress normally in dark colors, reds, blacks, grey, and they cannot use their wings. The Hellions appear as normal humans on Earth and can no longer summon their holy weapons; instead they rely on firearms and inventing their own weapons. Most Hellions are veterans of a war and as such they're very skilled in fighting dirty.


Your basic, run of the mill human. Nothing special can be done with them. However, they're a white-slate. You can do whatever you wish with them, whether it's turn them into a powerful magician, or create a holy warrior.

Jades: Vampires are bad, Jades are their b*****d cousins. They're fast, deadly, and they can seduce anyone they wish. They're armed with powerful claws in their true form, as well as red eyes and an overall evil appearance. Instead of drinking blood, they melt their victim's insides and drink that. Some are trying to break this diet and live normal lives.

Vampires: No glitter. Pale skin and paler blue eyes, they're always cold and never age. They're not warded off by Crucifixes, holy water, or anything of that sort, but they can die like a normal human. They're fast and agile and blend in perfectly with humans.

Goblins: Long ears, big heads, but stronger than humans and Jades, the Goblin's skin is dark green to a pale blue. Goblins are master tricksters and have been known to even fool an angel and a Hellion. They're the most numerous of the races.

Ghouls: Their true form is that of a rotting human corpse with dead eyes, however they usually take the appearance of very attractive people when they're disguised. The Ghouls consume the dead and can summon ghosts to work for them. Ghoul's are also very smart, but lack a lot of common sense. They're usually very rich in the human world and own lavish mansions.

Werewolves: Big, strong, and quick on their feet, werewolves are driven by instinct and their feral senses. Their huge claws, attuned hearing, and quick pace make them the perfect hunter. They're usually hired for protection or as mercenaries.

Nephilim: A human/angel/fallen angel hybrid. They're luck is the worst out of all the races and are often living on the streets. The Nephilim are always on down times because of their birth. In the eyes of the angels they are abominations, and are punished for their living every single day. Depending on whether or not they're the offspring of an angel or a fallen angel will change them dramatically. An angel will gift them with a flaming weapon, but they'll never be able to use magic. A fallen angel will gift them with healing and a talent for magic, but they'll never be able to summon a flaming weapon and suffer from poor social skills.

If you come up with a race, tell me and I'll add it to the list.

Character to be Used: John "Jack" Hale

A man can walk up and down a rocky road only so much, but when his feet hurt, he'll complain. The moral? You can only do things for so long before you get tired of it. In the city of LA, Alex was a gang-man, apart of the gang called the "White Suits," on account of their uniform being a white suit, blue button down shirt, and gucci loafers. With clothes like that, you'd think they owned every business from down-town to the production houses in Hollywood. He was a "Cleaner" the kind of guy who cleaned up the mess or wiped out a witness. His job meant a lot of blood, and it meant a high risk of being caught.

The White suits weren't an ordinary gang. All of their members were an expert in a certain kind of crime. They got their funds by doing white-collar crimes. Stealing, laundering, etc. Alex, however, was in the Grey area. He was one of the killers that ran the underground. Living as a Cleaner meant a shitty apartment, cold winters, and the police not being too far from your trail.

He was caught cleaning up a mess twice, both times he was set up. He went to prison for fifteen long years, and when he got out--- he wasn't a happy man. After he got caught, the White Suits declared him a loose end and sent cleaners to kill him, but Alex killed them first. Years in jail turned him into a hardened killer who wasn't afraid to die. Alex hunted down all the top members of the White Suits gang, killing them, blackmailing them, or selling them out. Alex got them all until the White Suits was a fable. Nothing but a ghost of it's former self.

Now, he operates an old video store that sells porn out the back, and boot legs video tapes. Boring, old, American crime. He's bored. But not for long.

Upon discovering he had magical powers, he was inducted into the Underground, where he studied to be the best magician among them and rule them all. He's only got two problems in his way. Hell and Heaven.

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