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Got back from school like an hour and a half ago, listening to my playlist in GrooveShark. Currently listening to Still Into You by Paramore. Blah blah blah. I'm hungry and tired. ******** I have homework to do. School sucks. I have amazing two "besties for life", no crushes, and not sounding like a b***h or anything but a lot of guys like me. Not like 100 but like 5, and they're really cool because they're funny and I LOVE a person who is funny. I can laugh for days, and I think I give off the wrong vibe when i'm talking to these guys. Honestly, i'm not flirting but just being nice. Whenever they're talking to me they always say stuff like "You're really nice." or "You laugh a lot." s**t. One time, (p.s I'm really insecure about myself and I don't like my smile.) I was talking to my friend, Jacob, he's really funny and weird, I was laughing and I covered my mouth with my big jacket sleeve and he was like "Why are you covering your smile? It's beautiful." I stopped laughing and started blushing like ******** and I was like "n***a, you tryna make me fall in love with you? 'Cause it's working." I said jokingly and he just ******** SMIRKED LIKE WTF man?!? And it was a cute boyish smirk too oMG. ******** you guys, you're all too cute and adorable and i just made this entry about guys wow. This is so gey. Kbye~