Some Pet Peeves of Mine when It comes to Rp'ing.

I will be stating some Pet Peeves that I have when it comes to Rp'ing.

1. One liners: Now this isn't much of a Pet Peeve since it doesn't happen much. Though this one can be forgiven. Mostly because there are times in which an rp can become slow. So this one can be Forgiven.

2. Grammar: Like the first one. This isn't much of a Pet Peeve. Though I can also be put in this category since my grammar really isn't the best around. I even got dropped because of it.

3. Being Online but Not Responding to Pm's : This is a major pet peeve of mine. I really hate it when someone you want to rp with is online and you sent them the reply to an rp that you both started. But they don't send the reply even though they are online. Now if I am given a reason as to why you aren't replying. Be it family issues or internet Issues then I won't mind. But if there is no reason then it becomes annoying.

4. Disappearing for a long time without Notice: This is another pet peeve that I have. I am sure that most also have this pet peeve. Its when you are starting an rp with someone and they just drop off the face of the earth. Now like the last one. If given a reason as to why you will be absent then its not a problem. But if you just disappear and not give a notice then it gets very annoying.

5. Sending a pm but never getting a reply back: This has happened to me many a time. Mostly with rp's. I will send a reply to an rp and never get a response and this also happens to me a lot when I begin the planning process with someone. I send the reply but they never respond. If you don't want to rp with me then tell me. I would rather be told straight out that you don't want to rp than be stringed along.

6. Sex being the main part of an rp : This rarely happens but it is a pet peeve. I rp for story. If I wanted a smut rp then I would ask for a smut rp. But it gets annoying when sex becomes the main part of the rp.

Thats pretty much it for Pet peeves. I have more but those are the major ones. All the others are very minor and not as important. Though these are my pet peeves for rping. Thanks for reading.