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Firelily Melinoe
Roleplay info
Name: Firelily, although many nicknamed her "Lily" or "Fire"
Her true name: Melinoe (But she will refuse to acknowledge it)

Gender: Female

Centuries old but appears 17

Sexuality: Straight (but never interested)

Race: Demi-goddess
(Although many mistaken her for vampire due to her appearance)

Music boxes. Listening to stories and tales. Desserts and sweets particularity strawberry tarts (without chocolate)

Appearance: A pale young girl wearing a scarlet mask. Her ebony hair usually loose or in pigtails. Her attire consists of a military-inspired look or formal attire with onyx and crimson colors. However, she is ashamed of the black markings that have now corrupted more than half of her body. Due to this, she will wear layers of clothing, no matter the weather or temperature.

Personality: Her personality is that of a melancholy servant, putting others interests before her own. As a habit, she will not speak unless spoken to. Addressing everyone as "Sir", "Sire", "Miss", "Madam", and so forth as a term of respect (Even if they ask not to be called that)
She holds a firm belief in living with honor and dignity. Yet it would seem impossible to do so with her type of powers, her past and a group she would be with.
She is more than willing to aid anyone. Although ironically, she has difficultly asking others for help unless she trusts the person.

Weapon: Zero Staff: A mysterious silver staff and glowing gem attached to a winged blade which nearly resembles a scythe. It was found next to Lily when she awoke in Gaia. Her staff to allows her to summon nightmares and can be used to fight melee. It also has a strange fruit which dangles from it but it only function is for decoration.

She also knows to being light on her feet. She is in exceptional physical condition due to being a former fighter during the war. Mostly hones in and trains, Even though the war is over, Lily still battles against her ex-comrades and being able to dodge most of their attacks. However, if she does get hit, the result can be fatal.

A controller of nightmares and darkness. She is able to twist reality and materialize her opponents greatest fear. The nightmares never kill their prey, but only frightens them enough to feed of their fear. Although the opponent might be terrified enough to die from fright or do actions that they would normally wouldn't do. And on some occasions, the nightmares can push her opponents into insanity. However, the nightmares are slowly corrupting Lily, which will eventually take over her sanity.


A mysterious yet enchanted mask was fitted on her to hold back her powers and stop her reoccurring nightmares. Her father put her under excruciating experiments. The girl's memories are suppressed and scrambled; most likely due to the trauma. She cannot remember what happened in those events except that her father intended to use her for an unknown purpose.
Her past is a mystery and shall continually elude her. The only information she is able to work with is based on legends and mythology of books. Her father is the only one who know of her past but the girl is unable to determine what is truth or false.

She awoke in Gaia in the middle of an absolute war zone between the Kuro elves and the vampires. Unable to recall her own name she named herself the first flower she saw: Firelily (though many nicknamed her "Lily" for short). She sided with the vampires after being mistaken for one of their own brethren due to her pale skin and slightly sharp fangs. She became a deadly warrior who gives inspiring speeches that hits the heartstrings of every vampires' blacken heart and hits her enemies even harder. .

She formed a shaky alliance with several beings to defend Gaia from the occult-mad Don of the Kuro elves. Yet they all shared a single goal: To save Gaia. However, after fighting so many enemies she began to realize some elves are misguided or fight for different reasons. But during this war, Lily has never used her powers at all.

Despite all her allies efforts, there is little fruition. Hoping that the tides will soon turn their favor, she keeps charging. But the fire of her charge slowly died. She fought from giving into despair of the impending doom.
As Halloween approached, she began losing strength to hold back her powers and and trust in her allies, she fears the worst if they lose.

With Halloween arriving in mere days. She becomes insomniac and paranoid. She would have hallucinations and has more than once attacked others while half-asleep. Her hope has been reduced to nothing but simple blood lust. Firelily managed to rally a small army and with one desperate goal: Kill the Don. Overlooking the headquarters which greatly outnumbered her small army, she merely chuckled saying that the dark elves should have brought more reinforcements.

In the aftermath of the suicidal mission, she laid dying and felt that the mask on the verge of exploding from holding back her nightmares from being unleashed on Gaia. Suddenly her former master appears. Instead of killing her, as she hoped he would, he instead extracts her spirit from her body with his necromancy skills. This allows Lily to remain in the living realm while her severely damaged body would have time to recovers.

Despite the fact she has her body back, Lily realized that she has to find a way to control her powers or risk harming her precious comrades. So, has been currently traveling throughout the world in hopes of of doing so. And now, she has a new threat to face as she hears of rumors of her father's return. This disturbs Lily and feels that she must keep herself hidden. She is still unable to remember her past but her body seemed to react in fear from mentioning of her father.

After a strange turn of events, an unknown person ripped off her mask, unleashing her nightmares from their cage that held them back. Shortly afterwards she began noticing the skin near her mask are changing to a pitch black in contrast to her pale skin. Lily has been wandering around libraries in hopes of researching on what her skin condition is. So far, it is unknown what it is.

She finally encounters her father, Sir Oneiros. Lily learns certain parts of her past. None of the memories were pleasant, as she learned that her father's intention was to wipe out Lily's memories and make her a mindless servant. With the help of Curtis, they both fight and defeat Oneiros. Although, her father retreats and has vowed to find her again.

During stay with Curtis, she begins to research herself. She discovers about her mother, Trivia, goddess of magic and crossroads between life and death. in mythology. While being unable to locate the mother, it is hinted that Trivia might be alive and hiding. But in turn, Lily also discovers about her true name: Melinoe, semi-goddess of nightmares and madness. Despite learning her true identity, Curtis allows her to stay with him.

With fall season once again approaching, the semi-goddess sense her time is coming to a close. The black marks have now corrupted most of her body, which serves as a reminder of the time she has left. It will only be a matter of time before the insanity will invade her mind. However, she no longer despairs and....accepted her fate. But before it does, she plans to battle her father one last time. The only wish she has left is to somehow deliver closure to her friends but is unsure how to....

Vampires encountered:

Landusk, an ex-vampire hunter who's deadly skills hides his dead cold heart. Able to transform from hunter to several forms of monsters. He can be a force to be reckoned with. He puts aside his hatred for vampires and teams up with Lily after saving her life. It is currently unknown why he saved her but because of this, Lily offered a life-debt to him. She has been putting up with his abuse and behavior. But as time went on, his temper took a violent turn for the worse which led to breaking free from her life-debt. She currently views him has having no honor for the living and has been avoiding him since.

Dark elves encountered:

Ty Gwynnia, a persistence pie-making elf whom Lily had fought against with more than several occasions. She believes that vampire kind have already redeemed themselves, and she fights the same. Although she doesn't agree with the Don and his methods, the goal is still the same: To return to the surface. After many fights with each other, they grew to a mutual understanding of the other. Out of all the elves, Lily believes that she has already redeemed herself. Despite the war being over, Lily deemed her as a worthy ally and friend.

Deities encountered:

Loke Laufeyjarson, the mischievous god of trickster of Norse legend, whom Lily believes to have an ulterior motives and may be a greater threat than the elves. Nonetheless, his aid has been more than helpful while mind controlling his enemies with his powerful staff, Gungnir, to have his enemies turn on one another.
Although after the events of war, Lily has become quite fond of his cheerfulness and pranks... despite the fact being on the receiving end of mischievousness on more than one occasion.

Zinstra, Also known as "Zin". A self-centered, foul-mouthed and immodestly-dressed succubi. Like Curtis, Lily encountered her in towns and became immensely interested in Lily's nightmare powers as well. Mostly because Zin's power is limited to causing nightmares while the person is asleep. Usually, the succubi likes forcefully dressing Lily in immodest attires or just cause general annoyance to her. The only reason why Lily tolerates Zin's presence because of Zin's willingness to mentor (and abuse) Lily's power. At the same time, Lily views her as pest. But a necessary pest.

Others encountered:

Lucario Rukario, Also known as "Luca". A wise shape-shifter fox whom has vast knowledge of alchemy. Lily enjoyed listening to his tales of his homeland and have been yearning to visit. She encountered Luca in a guild that Lily and Caboodle attended in. He made Lily a puppet as a means to temporarily hold her spirit in. However, since Lily body was restored, he meant to discard the puppet but on Lily's request, he gave it to her as a gift. Lily still has the puppet as cherished memory.

Sir Oneiros, Lily's father. A whimsical yet forgetful man.However, his personality is facade of his malicious intent to take back Lily. He claims to be a simple hypnotist and psychologist. Although, it could be implied that he might be much more than that. He hired Curtis to kidnap Lily by distorting Lily's appearance to look like a boy. His original intention for Lily was to make her into his servant. But it is currently unknown why. But he was discovered and defeated by the werewolf and the girl. He escaped and no one knows of his current location.

Werewolves encountered:

Sir Curtis Prise, a dapper werewolf with a gentleman's heart. Lily and Curtis first met each other in towns. Lily was interested in his werewolf feature and manners. While Curtis was intrigued by Lily's magic. Later, Lily is injured by her former comrade and the werewolf offers to change her bandages. His kindness and cheery disposition causes Lily to be drawn out of her shell and gave her trust towards him. She lightly teases him about his job. Although, she was oblivious to his actual occupation. However, when it was discovered, Lily was unable to bring herself to break their friendship between them. Curtis is the only one that Lily views more of a family to. She now currently lives with him.

Doctor Jekyll Hyde, A quiet yet brilliant doctor. He treats Lily in gentle way yet has an extreme distaste for her companion, Curtis. It was later confessed that he is a werewolf. His werewolf side had invaded Curtis's territory for reasons thought to be because of Curtis's horse (which was served as a meal). The reason he does not have features of werewolf because he has been recently bitten. For now, he wishes to work on a development of a cure. Although, it could be thought that he also secretly blames Curtis for his curse...

~~P.S. If you wish to know more about me and not Lily...Well, you'll just have to find out ~~

Lily Melinoe
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Lily Melinoe
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