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Roleplay ideas
End of the world: Two lovers caught between a twisted heaven and revengeful hell with God and Lucifer no where in sight. Being left alone, heaven tries to bring about the end of the world by trying to kill off the reincarnation of the fallen angel who lead the first war against heaven. By accident, kills the wrong lover. Hell comes and offers to get her lover back from the grave.

Train Me: A high ranking demon who lives in the high class of hell has trained the past six demon lords. Now it's time for another and he knows, by instinct, who he will train. However, it's a low ranking demon, maybe even half human, who doesn't have an evil bone in her body. He has to train her in high class, magic, and how to be the next demon lord, all while hell is watching the potentials and waiting for the final battle.

Everland: A mix between Neverland and Wonderland. An Irish boy runs away and is taken away for several years and returns to find her decedent who looks identical to her. After looking about at the new world, an old rival comes knocking and takes his nnew friend to a terrifying and confusing world.

Lost: A sort of Rurouni Kenshin roleplay. A man slayer, during the war, comes across a house where he has to hide while his wounds are healing. He's got the kind intentions, but they are hidden by the need to survive and fight for the cause.

My Prince: Three princes, each very different, fight for your character's affection. First and oldest prince is calm and in line to be king. Can be harsh with rules, and has his mind more focused on what he needs to do, rather than what he wants. And he needs a wife. The middle child just missed being king and has all of the title with none of the responsibilities. A playboy and a party animal, any woman he wants in bed, eventually falls into the sheets. The youngest invisible behind his king to be brother and his trouble making brother. Kind and down to earth, he works with his hands and is open and honest.

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