Hey everyone! :3 Man I'm writing like there's no tomorrow lately. xD Haha. So I started this story last night and finished not even an hour ago. It's the 8th book in my protectors series! So enjoy.

WARNING: This written work is rated M for Mature.

The Protectors Book Eight: How Life Hurts: Set after Rex, Snow, Hunnie, and Wind start junior year Of High School, Rexie is still dealing with trying to get over Kairi, while Max begins to stalk her around town and treats her badly. Lois gets a job in hopes of soon being able to get a house for her, Hunnie, and Rex. And
then... One day at school Snow, Rexie, Hunnie, and Wind are forced to face a life changing event. Genre: Drama/Hurt/Comfort.

"Oh my gosh! It feels sooo good to be back in school," Wind purred happily, walking along with the other elements of weather down the halls.

"And we feel sooo good to have ya back!" Rex giggled.

"Indeed," Hunnie added, as Snow nodded in agreement.

"I mean I have my fur back, my health back, my life back!" Wind cheered. It's great,"

Then the other three Foxes grinned widely to Wind's words, as they all reached their Math class.

"Ugh Math... My least favorite subject," Snow sighed heavily.

"Same here!" Hunnie, Wind, and Rexie agreed in unison.

"Well we'd better get it over with then," The White-Furred Fox said, leading her sister and two friends into the classroom.


"Wait you mean it!? I got the job?"

"Yes, Miss Pie it's your's you start next week on Monday, I'll see you then goodbye,"

Lois smiled brightly, as she hung up the phone.

She had been applying for work ever since she had moved into Leo and Weezy's house with Hunnie and Rex.

And now she had finally gotten a job! She was going to be a doctor at the local hospital.

The Middle-Aged Fox had studied in the medical field during college, but never before had she had a job like this after her training.

She had worked for home health companies before, but this? It's just above and beyond!

When school let out, all four elements of weather walked to Rex and Hunnie's house for a studying session, but the friends stopped dead in their tracks when Kairi and Max passed them on the sidewalk.

The couple glanced at the teen-aged Kitsunes and then just kept on walking away. Rex began to get a flash of depression through her body, and stopped walking.

Snow, Hunnie, and Wind noticed this right away and within seconds, were giving the nine-tailed Fox a group hug.

"I-I'm okay, Girls. Thanks for comforting me," Rexie managed to say.

"No problem!" Wind replied.

"Yep that's what we're here for," Hunnie and Snow chirped together.

"Thanks... Well come on let's go," Rexie responded, as she began to walk again.

"Weezy, Leo, Mom we're home and we brought Snow and Wind!" Rexie howled, as she and the other three foxes entered the house.

"Rexie!" Lois squeaked, upon hearing her daughter's voice from the kitchen. "Come in here withe the others, I've got news!"

"News, huh?" Rex thought to herself, as she led the others into the area in which her mother was located.

"Is everything alright?" Rexie asked, padding up to Lois.

"Oh it's more than alright! I got that job, for being a doctor at our hospital here in town!" Lois barked.

"That's great, Mom! I'm so happy for you," Rexie howled, pulling the older Fox in for a loving embrace.

"Me too, Sweetie. Me too," Lois smirked, as she hugged her daughter back.
When Leo and Weezy both got home from doing some shopping at the store, they too were given the great news about Lois's new job! Both were very happy for their Mother, knowing that this would be very good for her.

Poor Lois hadn't been able to work since Kate had killed herself, but now she seemed to be right back in the swing of things!


The next day at school everyone expected another normal day. Filled with learning, teachers, books, pencils, etc. But what no one knew that it wouldn't work out that way...

During a passing period when students were going up and downs the halls, to different classes that were upstairs, on the other side of the school, downstairs was when something horrible was about to happen...

Rex was walking along from English class, but then stopped dead in her tracks when the sound of gun shots began to ring through the air.

Soon screams followed as students began to stampede through the school...

Rexie's eyes widened when she realized as more and more guns went off, what that meant... It meant there

was a group of shooters attacking the high school.

"I gotta find Snow, Wind, and Hunnie!" The Nine-Tailed Fox thought to herself, as she tried to get through the halls.

Rex suddenly gasped when she out of the corner of her eye, she saw students falling down due to being shot.

"Oh god no... Oh god no!" The Element Of Fire hissed, as she headed upstairs in hopes of finding Snow.

She knew the white-furred Fox had Science on the second floor, during the hour that the passing period was allowing the students to get to.

"Please be up here!" Rexie barked out loud, as she ran around other Foxes, and teachers.

And then just as Rex rounded the corner to Snow's Science class, she ran right into the Fox she was looking for.

"Oh thank god you're alright," Snow sighed.

"Yeah I'm fine," Rexie replied.

"It won't take the shooters long to get up here... We gotta hide!" Snow snarled.

"But Hunnie and Wind! They're both downstairs..." Rexie said.

"Alright then le-" However Snow did not get to finish her sentence, when they heard shooting coming from the staircase down the hall.

"No time let's go!" The Element Of Water howled, grabbing Rexie and pulling her into an empty classroom, that also happened to be the very class that the four elements of weather took math.

Meanwhile screams came from outside as students and teachers tried to run, tried to find hiding places themselves, but not everyone was so lucky.

Rexie and Snow raced to the closet in the back off the room, went inside, closed the door and then locked it.

"I-I think I'ma gonna pass out... I'm so scared," Rex gulped.

"Hey It'll be alright! We're safe, and we have our school bags, which means we have our phones. We can try and get a hold of Wind and Hunnie," Snow responded in a calm voice.

"You're right. Alright I'll call Hunnie," Rexie said, as she took out her cell phone.

"And I shall call my sister," Snow smirked.


"Damn it!" Hunnie growled. The Element Of Earth was trying her hardest to find a place to hide, but every spot was taken...

Most rooms were full and doors were locked, janitor closets were the same...

Almost everyone on the first floor had fled into hiding, but Hunnie...

"No one is kind enough to help me live! Sure they find a nice place to keep safe, but even if it means I die they don't give a damn," Hunnie muttered under her breath. "School filled of jerks I'd say,"

"Not me! I'm no jerk,"

Hunnie jumped in surprise as Wind ran up to her.

"I know you're not! And neither is Snow nor Rex... I'm just mad. But hey I'm glad you're alive!" Hunnie chirped.

"I'm glad you're alive too," Wind squeaked.

"Come on, Girl... We're alone in this hall and I don't know where the shooters are... Let's see if we can find safety," Hunnie added.

"You think Snow and Rex are safe?" Wind questioned.

"I don't know-" But then Hunnie was cut off when her phone rang.

The Fox took it out of her bag right away, then answered it when she saw it was Rex.

"Hey, Hunnie I tried to call you!" Rex snapped. "And Snow tried to call Wind. Why didn't you two answer?"

"I'm sorry! I was looking for a place to hide... As for Wind I have no idea. I'd expect she was doing the same thing though," Hunnie replied.

"Alright. Alright just listen we're upstairs hiding in our math class's closet. Can you two make it up here?" Rexie yelped.

"I don't know... I heard the guns go off from the staircase," Hunnie said.

"Yeah they came up here, but I don't know if all of them did. There may be some down there too. Just not in where you are. We've got a huge school," Rex responded.

"That's true. Okay um wait what class are you too in again?" Hunnie added.

"We're in our horrible Math class..." Rex said slowly.

"Oh god," Hunnie muttered.

"I know! Worst place to get stuck in when there's a shooting, but hey we all have this class so you and Wind could get here easy," Rex pointed out.

"Okay. You two sit tight and we'll be there," Hunnie howled, before hanging up the phone.

"Wind, we're going upstairs. Snow and Rex are fine, but they're in our math class hiding... We need to go be with them," Hunnie explained.

"Alright let's do this!" Wind barked.

And with that the two friends went upstairs carefully, hoping not to run into the shooters.

As they got up on the second floor, Hunnie and Wind saw dead bodies laying all over the place... Blood was everywhere too. On the walls, the floor, the windows... It was horrifying.

"Dear lord," Wind mumbled under her breath.

"It's okay... Just walk around them," Hunnie said weakly.

The two friends then continued to get to the safety zone, as they stepped over dead bodies, trying hard not to lose their sanity.

Luckily Hunnie and Wind made it to the room where Rexie and Snow were at.

Then the two Foxes quickly ran to the closet in the back of the class, and began to speak.

"Snow, Rex it's us!" Hunnie and Wind howled in unison.

The sound of the lock clicked, followed by the door opening to show The Element Of Fire, and Water.

"I'm so happy you two made it!" Rexie squeaked, as Wind pinned Snow down and hugged her tightly.

Snow gladly hugged her sister back and grinned widely.

"Yeah it was pretty rough getting here," Hunnie replied, sitting down beside Rexie.

"I bet," Rex added, as she then closed the closet door and locked it.

"Well now that we're all safe and sound... When do ya think the police are going to come and save us?" Wind sighed.

"I don't know... They probably put the school on lock down. Which means no one can get in here," Rexie pointed out.

"Oh yeah..." Wind trailed off.

"Anyways we should stay here for a while. The shooters are still here and we don't know when they'll leave," Snow spoke up.

"I can't argue with that," Hunnie added.

"Neither can we!" Wind and Rexie chirped.

However in the halls two of the shooters were hunting for prey... When they saw the empty classroom, the two evil humans had to go see if anyone was hiding in there.

"Oh no... Do ya here that?" Hunnie whispered, hearing the shooters coming into the room.

"Yeah..." Rex whispered back.

"They're in here!?" Wind whimpered.

"Yes, Wind. But don't ya worry the door to the closet is locked," Snow snapped quietly.

"K-Kay," Wind managed to choke out.

But right after that the four Foxes saw shadows of feet under the door... The shooters were right on the other side.Then the door knob turned, but due to the lock the door didn't open.

Rexie gulped heavily with fear written on her face, her three friends froze in place...

The door knob turned again... And this time with a heavy kick from the other side, it swung open revealing two of the shooters.

They were both human men, both had black masks on, with black leather jackets, pants and black boots. The only thing about them that the elements could see about their natural look was their eyes which showed through two holes in the masks. One man had green eyes, while the other had blue.

The Four Foxes tried to run past the men before getting hurt, the shooters began to shoot at the Foxes right away.

Thankfully though Hunnie, Rex, Wind, and Snow were able to doge the bullets and get out of the closet...

However the two men chased the students as they ran out of the class, and caught a certain White-Furred Fox.

"W-We got away!" Wind breathed, stopping to catch her breath.

"Yeah!" Wind and Rexie responded in unison, as they too stopped running.

"Hey we could use our elements of weather to stop those a** holes. All we gotta do is use that appearance spell to make them appear," Hunnie added quickly.

"Good idea! So le-" But Rex did not get to finish her sentence when she looked at the group and realized something.

"Hey... Where's Snow?" Rexie questioned nervously.


"NOOOO!" Snow cried, as one of the shooters dropped her on the floor in the room, and began to take off his clothes and mask.

The man had blonde hair, he was the one with the green eyes, he had tan skin, and was skinny.

Then the naked man bent down by his jacket, and took something from one of the pockets.

Snow's jaw dropped when she saw what the object was... The man had an a**l Vibtator which is one of the many sex toys. The toy was about 4 inches long, the top of the toy was ball shaped, the rest of it was shaped like a bottle, and the color of the toy was purple.

After that Snow was flipped on her back, she felt the sex toy being put into her a**s, which followed by the feeling of the a**l vibrator vibrating in her a**s.

"Well now we can't weld the elements! Not without Snow," Wind hissed.

"Yes I know," Hunnie muttered.

"Oh god... Where is she?" Rexie asked, as she and the other two Foxes looked up and the down the halls for their friend.

"Ya know, Girls... Maybe she didn't get away like we did..." Wind squeaked.

"I DIDN'T THINK OF THAT!" Hunnie and Rexie screamed.

"Same here... Until now," Wind replied.

"To the math class!" Rex roared, taking off down the hall.

When the three Kitsunes reached the room, they peeked in to see one of the shooters standing there watching the other one preform a**l sex on Snow.

"Hey you dirty rats! Take this!" Wind howled, using her magic to pick up a desk in the class room, and then threw it at the two men.

The shooters screamed as the piece of furniture flew their way, which caused the one man on top of Snow to jump off of her, and the a**l Vibtator to drop to the floor.

Then the Kitsune jumped out of the way so she wouldn't be hit.

Both men couldn't get out of the way fast enough... Both were hit by the desk and went down hard.

Snow ran to the other three Foxes by the door and hugged them tightly.

"I don't know what would've happened if you three weren't here, but come on... Let's go," Snow said, letting go of her buddies and racing down the hall.Then as the group came out into the halls which led to the staircase... Snow gasped when she saw blood everywhere, followed by dead students everywhere.

It was a nightmare to see other dead Foxes her age... Laying there looking as if they were still pain, even though they couldn't feel a thing anymore.

Just then footsteps came from the stairs, the group growled together ready to fight some more, but when the people appeared to be police men the Foxes calmed down.

"Don't worry, Ladies you're safe now," One of the cops said gently.
-----------------Three Hours Later------------------------

Snow, Wind, Hunnie, and Rex were all home, the teachers, and other students at the High School were finally able to leave the school as well.

The shooters were all found and arrested. The High School was safe now, but major cleaning up was needed before anyone could go back.

"Today was horrible," Rexie mumbled.

"Yes it was," Hunnie agreed.

"I don't know how I'll be able to think of our school the same way ever again," Rexie barked.

"Same here! It had always been so safe, but then again the school never had good security," Hunnie responded.


At Wind and Snow's house the two sisters were watching the news in their living room, which was broadcasting the events of the earlier that day. The shooting was named as "The Great Massacre Of Lake Ville High School"

Turns out the reason the shooters attacked in the first place, was due to a teacher dated one of them before, and when the couple broke up... Well the one man got nasty. And that exact shooter was one who preformed a**l sex on Snow...

The man wanted revenge on the teacher for breaking up with him so bad, that he got a bunch of his pals to help me kill students, teachers, and yes even do some sexual play.

"I'll never recover from today..." Snow sniffled, before breaking into loud sobs.

"Hey, hey It'll be alright..." Wind whispered quietly, taking her sis into her arms.

"No it won't!" Snow hissed, as the other Fox moved her onto the sofa.

"Shhh. Shhh," Wind replied, continuing to hold her crying sister.


And so the days went on, every night Snow slept with Wind due to some ugly nightmares she was getting...

Sometimes when the dreams got so bad, the White-Furred Fox would wake up in the middle of the night crying her eyes out.

Wind would then hold and comfort her sis through all the pain, until she stopped crying and fell back asleep.

A couple more days passed, and one afternoon Rexie was out on a walk through town. Being alone meant

anything could happen to her... So when Max saw the Fox out and about with no one around her, he went over

to cause some trouble.

"Hey, Mutt what' up?" Max asked.

Rex sighed and turned around to face the mean human; He hadn't changed a bit. Green eyes, white hair, still wore jeans, black T- shirts, and old looking shoes, but what also had changed was the human's way of treating people.

"Okay listen here. I know you want to upset me, but I'm going through other stuff, then just having to deal with you and getting over Kairi so take a ******** hike..." Rex growled.

"Oh getting mad now are we?!" Max laughed.

Not wanting to cause more issues, Rex then ran off down the road... But wasn't aware that Max was following her...

"I'll stalk you everywhere you ********," Max thought to himself, as he secretly kept on following the Fox he hated.


Soon Monday arrived, Lois began her new job as a doctor, but school was still closed. Whenever Rex was alone in town, Max had been there to make sure he could stalk her. Of course these were hours when Kairi was at school, so she had no idea about what he was doing.

Max enjoyed knowing things about Rex... Cause that way if he wanted to, he could do something really, really, really bad to her.

----End Of Book Eight----