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Blog #1 - ?
So.... First blog. c:
Umm.. so far today I haven't done anything. I'm still in bed. But yesterday I went to the mall with my friends and Brian.
Brian's my wonderful, amazing, 6'1 boyfriend. /. I'm 4'9. /. I like our height difference though. cx
We were supposed to watch a movie, but no one could decide what movie we should watch, so we ended up not watching anything. Then we went back into the mall.We went into either Sears or Macys and found 6 very comfy chairs. All of us sat in one, and had a "family meeting". Then we got bored and decided to go to Taco Bell because Nick, Anthony, and Sarah wanted what they called a "tacodilla".I'm still not sure what it is, but it looked and sounded delicious. They bought, in total, about 6 of them. o.o Its a lot.
But oh well. (: After a few of them left, it was my turn to leave.
My aunt came to pick me up and we went to her house to wait for my mom to come from work.
Later on, I stayed up until 1 watching Jonas L.A with my sister. Reminded me of when they were younger and still together. c:
And that was pretty much all of yesterday. I'll post another blog when I do something else interesting. (: