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waiting for my birthday
just a waiting here and enjoying a wonderful blizzard 10 inches of snow doesn't sound like a lot to me but guess thats becuase I'm not the one whos gonna eb shoveling it ;o
I'll be 22 on the 20th wich is soo good I've been gaming alot between s4 league and league of legends trying to master annie and ahri but ugh since the introduction of trinkets I have been doing kinda bad but hey thats completely okay! was gonna play blade and soul.. china varsion so my locale and font + text and stuff like that changed to chinese and .. my browser changed as well so now it's not even spell checking itself! grr making me have to be perfect although I'm not

I miss some of my friends the special ones who actually talked to me a lot xD more than I wanted them to 2014 got so much distance going on

and oh oh gonna go to church today like like.. first time in a long time

also losing lots of friends and they don't tell me when they leave so wtf... ever

more on I have like 3 friends irl who wanna hang out with me but I can't with all this snow and stuff