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Guides for Roleplaying
How to tell when I'm IC and OOC.
xxWhen I am in character "I speak in quotes" and use [[brackets]] to signify my out of character statements. If I'm in towns, I am always IC to some extent.

My character and I do not share the same personality, beliefs, opinions and so on.
xxIf you get offended by IC interactions, I don't want to RP with you.

If you want to RP you must ask me, or send me a message that is clearly in-character.
xxI greatly enjoy freeform RPing in story/paragraph format. These are RPs where you simply make it up as you go along, and usually do not complain a plot, or much of one. They can start from a description, or from a picture that will act as the setting.

If you don't differentiate between IC and OOC, I don't want to RP with you.
xxThis goes out to the people who say "you can tell when I'm IC and OOC" when they type the exact same way in both modes. You cannot expect strangers to know when you're IC and OOC when you've just met them, and when you do not alert them to the differences in any way, shape, or form.

I can be extremely picky with who I RP with and what I will RP.
xxI prefer to RP with people who have a decent level of spelling and grammar. Constant grammatical and spelling errors get very distracting and tend to take away from the quality of the RP itself. The RPs I like to do mostly focus in the scifi and/or fantasy realms.

QUALITY not quantity.
xxJust because you can type 6 paragraphs about what color your character's hair is doesn't mean you're a good RPer or that what you've written is good. I don't care how long your reply is so long as there is quality there and a hook so that I am able to reply.

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