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My character in the upcoming ECorp Manga
I got bored, so I figured I'd read my character form for your enjoyment.
(I'm glad I do these things in 1st person smilies/icon_smile.gif)
I did it in 1 take so don't be surprised if I mess up a few times. And brace yourself for 1:22.
I apologize in advance.

(Left) Normal____________________________________ (Right) Battle

Name: Thermo Baric the naughty elf
Nicknames: just "Baric" is fine
Age: 2...2&1/2 hundred? You just stop counting after a while.
Species: Elven naturally
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uncomfortable *heh* just kidding Straight
Height: A bit tall, well by elf standards anyway.
Weight: About 30 bunny bombs I believe. [Around 150 pounds]
Distinguishing features: My ears I suppose.
Build of body: Well I try not to brag, but bomb slinging really tones the muscles.
Posture: Ugh...I can slouch if I want to mother.

Hometown: The Pole with it's stupid snow. Ugh I swear just lighting a fuse would be a miracle...
Current residence: The ECORP factory.
Occupation: Tinkerer/Explosives Specialist
Native language: English
Other languages spoken: Other Languages? Unless you're looking for random phrases, just English.
Style of speaking: A little eccentric if you ask the wrong people.
Volume of voice: PRETTY NORMAL ACTUALLY...sorry my ears are still ringing.

Likes: Gunpowder, Cherry bombs, Pipe bombs, Fireworks, Time bombs, Rocket launchers...
Car bombs, Smart bombs, Grenades, and Robots. Especially the exploding ones.
Dislikes: Whiners, Children, and The Cold...gawd I'm glad I left that place.
Fears: Falling into Santa's bag again. The things I saw in there...*Shivers in fear*
Hobbies/past times: When I'm not making bombs or blowing things up, I play fetch with my rabbot Denis.
I have to use the duds for something.
Pet peeves: Being interrupted while I work. We have breaks for a reason people!
Pets: My Rabbot Denis...though I've had to put him back together from time to time.
Talents: Bomb making of course but I also dabble in robotics here and there.
Personal goals: To Blow Up The Moon! Not the whole thing though. Just enough to leave a mark. Heh heh Heh

General attitude: Pretty cheerful actually. I Really love my job.
Religious values: I did grow up celebrating Christmas afterall.
General intelligence: Rather High I'm sure.
General sociability: I can be friendly. Just don't bother me while I'm working.
Energy level: Explosive
Eating habits: I've heard I have a bit of a sweet tooth. But what kind of Elf eats carrots?
Bad habits: I've heard I can be sloppy or sarcastic at times. I'm terribly sorry if my mess bothers you.

Family: I have some back at Santa's workshop...We don't talk.
Enemies (and why): That might be a strong word, but I wouldn't mind blowing up a few of Santa's toy makers.
I'm still a little sore from being kicked...leaving.
Friends: My partners in the explosives department. I feel closer to them than my family actually.
Best friend(s): Bill from accounting
Love interest (if there is one): [Can I fill this in after the character list is made?]
General relationship and attitude towards EB: Well he's a decent boss and he gave me a place I can be myself. So I'm pretty thankful for that.

Weapon(s) of choice: I'd make a list but I'm sure "Bombs" would suffice.
Fighting style: Bomb throwing mostly, but I might resort to bashing people with them at close range.
Strengths: I've picked up a few tricks from the fat man, so I always have bombs stashed somewhere on me.
Weaknesses: Even I'm not impervious to explosions.

General Biography: I was born and raised at the North Pole, just like most elves. But unlike most elves, I wasn't what they considered "normal". One day a kid gets his fingers lightly singed, and suddenly I'm the bad guy. So I had no choice but to leave that stinking snow hut. A few misadventures and a surprise meeting with EB later, I ended up here and I've been happy ever since.

General Personality: Naturally I'm pretty energetic and hard working since I'm an elf. But I'm a bit more mischievous than my northern cousins.

Visual References:[Updated in post]