Hey everyone! :3 Well I started working on this story this morning and finished a little while ago! It was fun spending most of my day writing. xD This is book seven for my protectors series. So I hope ya enjoy!

The Protectors Book 7: Heartache. When Kairi begins to spend more and more time away from home, Rex is determined to find out why, but when she does... She'll discover that it was probably best if she hadn't tried to solve the mystery. Meanwhile Hunnie deals with the loss of her parents, and what will happen to her now that she's an orphan. And when the doctors have some news about Wind, Snow becomes afraid to find out what it is. Genre Of Story: Hurt/Comfort/Drama.

"They're dead... Oh my god they're dead..." Hunnie managed to choke out, as she looked at the two unmoving bodies in the road.

"My parents... Are dead... No oh god no," The Fox added.


As Rexie in the house, she heard footsteps coming from the kitchen.

"Rex!" Lois and Kairi cheered together, seeing that The Element Of Fire was safe and sound.

"Hey!" Rexie responded, pulling both family members in for a tight group hug.

"Is everything okay now?" Lois questioned.

"Yep! Everything's fine," The Nine-Tailed Kitsune replied.

"Good," The Middle-Aged Fox sighed, as she let go of her daugther.

"We knew you could do it along with your friends!" Kairi added, as she too let go of the teen fox.

"Well we do always come through in the end," Rexie chuckled.

"That's very true! Now then would you like something to eat?" The Red-Headed Human chirped.

"Yes please!" Rexie barked.

"Alright I'll go fix ya something," Kairi smirked.

"Mom, Dad I'm home!" Snow roared, as she opened the front door and walked into the her house.

"Welcome home, Dear!" Jule howled, running into the room to greet her daughter.

"Thanks," Snow smiled, pulling her mom in for a loving embrace.

"You're welcome!" Jule purred, as she hugged her daughter back.

"Where's Dad?" Snow wondered.

"Oh he's upstairs sleeping. Poor thing wanted to stay up and wait for you, but he just couldn't stay a wake," Jule answered.

"Ah. Well hey speaking of sleeping... I think that's what I'ma go do. It is almost midnight now," Snow said.

"OKay sleep well, Sweetie," Jule replied, while the snow colored Fox made her way up to her room.


"I'm sorry, Miss but now that your parents are dead... You have to come with us," The Police Officerexplained.

"W-Where are you taking me?" Hunnie gulped.

"Just to the station my dear," The Cop sighed.

"K-Kay," The Hunnie-Colored Kitsune weakly said, as she then got into the police car.

"Oh please don't take me away from this town... From my friends... From my school," Hunnie pleaded to herself.

"So then we were raised up to space an-" However Rexie did not get to finish her sentence, when her call phone began to ring.

Seeing the name 'Hunnie' come up, The Fox answered the phone immediately.

"Hey, Bestie is everything okay?" Rex asked.


"Oh.. Okay well um stay calm... We'll be right there!" Rexie responded, as she hung up the phone.

"Hunnie's parents are dead... And now Hunnie is scared she'll be taken away somewhere... We gotta go down to the police station and help her," Rex explained.

"Let's go then!" Kairi hissed, getting up from the kitchen table.

And with that Lois and Rexie followed Kairi outside to the car, with hopes of helping Hunnie.


"Hunnie!" Rexie howled, running up to her friend.

"Oh thank goodness!" Hunnie cried, jumping off of the chare she had been sitting on, and hugged her friend tightly.

"My Mom and Kairi will be in here in a minute. They gotta find a place to park," Rexie said.

"Okay," Hunnie replied.

"Don't ya worry no one is going to take you away, I promise," Rexie added gently.

"I sure hope not," Hunnie sighed, letting go of her best friend.

Just then Kairi and Lois came into the station, and went right up to the teen Foxes.

"Hi, Hunnie," Lois greeted.

"Hi, Miss Pie," Hunnie greeted back.

"We're so sorry this happened, Dear," Kairi added.

"Well thanks," Hunnie sniffled, as tears built up in her eyes.

She was going to cry again...

"It's okay just let it out," Rexie squeaked, wrapping her arms around her friend.

Knowing that Rex was right, Hunnie began to let out the sorrow that had filled her soul.

"Exuse me, but I need to talk with Miss Hunnie," A Cop said, as he came up to the group.

"She's in no shape to speak with you or anyone for that matter, however we could like to have a little bit of your time," Kairi replied.

"Okay then follow me over here," The Cop said, leading Kairi and Lois to the other side of the room.

"So what can I do for you?" The Cop asked.

"Well you see Hunnie over there cannot be taken away. She's an element of weather, one of the four foxes who protect Starlight, and the others live in this town, you see the one hugging Hunnie over there? That's Rexie Pie my daughter. She's the element of Fire," Lois explained.

"I knew those two looked familiar, but I just couldn't place who they were... But now that you've told me I do understand that Hunnie needs to stay. However where would she live?" The Cop replied.

"She can live with us," Lois spoke up.

"Then it's settled! She'll go with you ladies," The Cop howled.

"Oh thank you!" Lois and Kairi cheered together.

"No problem," Said The Cop.

After hearing that she'd be staying in Lake Ville, Hunnie calmed down a litte and headed over to her new home.

"So we'll have to share my room is that okay?" Rexie questioned.

"Yeah that's fine," Hunnie answered.

"Good," Rex replied, leaning back in her seat, as they drove on home.

"Tomorrow we'll go and get your things okay, Hunnie?" Kairi chirped from the driver's seat.

"O-Okay," Hunnie whimpered with sadness in her voice.

Lois bit down on her lower lip from the other front seat. Just hearing the tone in Hunnie's voice was painful.


The next morning Hunnie was able to get all her things from her old home, but she still felt empty even that she now had her things... She missed her parents terribly.

Later that day, Snow found out about Hunnie's parents and tried her best to comfort her pal, but it was hard due to the fact that when faced with losing family, well Cheering up could be rather difficult.

----Three Weeks Later----

It had been quite a busy time for Rex, Hunnie, and all the others with the drama and other stuff they had to take care of.

Rexie wasn't very happy because Kairi had been out and a bout a lot... Which made the Fox nervous. What was her master up to?

It had started three days after Hunnie settled in with them... And it had just continued from there.

When Rexie asked Kairi why she was out all the time, the human would simply responded with one line: "I need my alone time, so I just figured spending time away from home would be nice,"

But Rex wasn't buying it... No not one bit, because Kairi began to stay out past Midnight... Even on the week days.

Now what kind of person did that? Rexie knew that Kairi wouldn't do that under normal circumstances, so that meant it had to be serious. Really really serious...

So the Fox knew she would have to figure out what was going on, but Rex was scared... Because she knew in her heart that whatever was keeping Kairi out so late was bad... Rexie knew she needed to know though so she came up with a plan that would hopefully work.

The next morning Snow went to the hospital to see Wind, but the White-Furred Fox was told that a doctor wanted to speak with her... She had a bad feeling. Was her sister going to die?

"Miss, Snow I just wanted to tell you that after doing some tests on Wind, well it looks like she's going to be just fine," The Doctor Said.

"REALLY!?" Snow howled with excitement in her voice.

"Yes! The chemo is working so she'll be fine. In two months she can go home, and her fur should start growing back when she leaves this place," The Doctor responded.

"Well thank you, Doctor! I need to run on home for a mintue and tell my parents!" Snow barked, as she headed away from the human who had given her the best news ever!


"I'm so happy our Wind is gonna live!" Sammy howled.

"Me too!" Jule laughed.

"I knew as soon as her doctor told me I had to come tell ya two!" Snow said.

"And we're glad you did!" Sammy smirked, while Jule nodded in agreement.

"Well I'ma go see Wind now," Snow added, turning to head out the door.

"Okay, Dear! We'll be over there soon," Jule replied.

"Sounds good!" Snow responded.

Later that day after Kairi was done with college classes, Rexie went into town to see if she could spot her Master anywhere.

"I just gotta figure out what she's doing," Rex thought to herself, as she walked along the streets of Lake Ville.

Suddenly The Nine-Tailed Kitsune heard a voice nearby... It sounded just like Kairi's.

Turning her head towards the sound, Rex saw the Redhead on the other side of the street, but she wasn't alone...

"Who's that with her?" Rexie muttered under her breath, as she went to cross the road.

Then as Rex reached the side of the street where Kairi was, the Fox saw who was with her... It was none other but Max.

Rexie gasped with fear, as she turned to run so that the pair wouldn't see her.

After she was out of sight, Rex realized she had to follow Kairi and Max to see what they'd do... So Rexie went back around the corner and spyied on the two humans, they began to walk down the block so Rexie followed secretly behind them.

Max and Kairi arrived at a house where Kairi's car was parked, which meant it had to be Max's home.

The Fox ran to a window that was by the front door, so she could see what was going on and saw that Kairi an Max headed into another room.

Rex looked around to see a window on the left side of the house. Rex ran to it and looked in to see that it was Max's bedroom... And just the two humans entered it.

What happened then made Rexie's jaw drop... She never in her whole life thought that she'd see Kairi have sex with Max...

Rex ran home and told Lois and Hunnie about what she had found out about Kairi, which made both very upset... Rexie explained to Hunnie that before moving to Lake Ville Max was with Kairi, but then he began to get really mean and she broke up with him... Which was another reason they had left their old town. To get away from Max.

So why was Kairi back with Max again? No one had a clue...

But things wouldn't be pretty when the human master got home... Nope not one bit.


The day went on and soon night fell. When it was Midnight Kairi arrived home, to see Lois, Hunnie, and Rex all sitting on the stairs.

"We've been waiting for you..." Rexie said bitterly.

"Oh? Is everything alright?" Kairi asked.

"No..." The Nine-Tailed Fox managed to choke out. "I saw you with Max today..."

"Rex, he's I love him please don't be upset," The Human Girl replied.

"Upset? Me be upset!? He's a jerk! And you went behind my back to be with him! Don't you dare tell me not to be upset!" Rexie growled.

"You shouldn't be upset!" Kairi hissed.


"Rex..." Lois began, as she pulled her daughter in for a hug.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Hunnie chimed in, glaring at Kairi.

"Whatever..." Kairi mumbled.

Then Lois who knew it would be toxic to stay where they were, let go of Rexie and sighed.

"Hunnie, Rex pack your things we're leaving," Lois demanded.

"Hey that's fine by me!" Rexie howled, as she went upstairs to gather her things.

"Same here," Hunnie responded, following her best friend to their room.

"You disgust me," Lois muttered to Kairi, before she too went to get her things all packed up.

"Fine leave! I don't care!" Kairi snapped.


"Okay, Mom we're ready!" Rexie purred, coming down the stairs with Hunne.

"Good! So am I," Lois responded, as she walked out of the living room.

Then Kairi came out of the kitchen and looked at the three Foxes for a moment.

"Well, Rexie I guess you're really leaving huh?" The Red-Headed Girl asked.

"Yes... But why I'm still here just tell me why did you take Max back? He's an abuser," Rex replied with anger in her voice.

"He was in town, we ran into each other, and I realized I still loved him that's why," Kairi explained.

"Wow you're an idiot," Rexie growled under her breath, as she headed for the door with Lois and Hunnie right behind her.

Rexie stepped aside to let her mom and friend go outside before her, so that before she went into the outdoor's she could do one more thing.

"Here," Rex said, ripping off her collar and throwing it towards the college-aged girl.

After that The Nine-Tailed Fox slammed the door behind her.

"You okay, Hun?" Lois questioned.

"Yeah... Come on," Rexie hissed, as she padded over to Lois's car.

Rexie, Lois, and Hunnie drove to Leo and Weezy's house where they hoped to stay.

When they got there they went up to the door, where they were met with worried looks from the two males Fox's since it was past midnight.

"Can we stay here with you guys for a while? Kairi and Rex had a fight," Lois sighed.

"Of course! But why is there another Fox with you girls?" Weezy replied, looking at Hunnie.

"Oh! This is Hunnie my best friend she lives with us now," Rex chirped.

"Why did you tell us?" Leo groaned.

"Because we've been busy!" Lois yelped.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry! Come on you ladies can stay with us," Leo squeaked, as he and Weezy stepped to the side to let their guests into the house.

"Thanks bros!" Rexie barked.

"No problem, Sis," Leo and Weezy howled in unison.

"Yes thank you!" Lois and Hunnie spoke up.

And so the girls settled into their new home, but as they did Rexie couldn't stop thinking about how much her heart currently hurt.

But maybe in time things would get better... Cause heartache never lasts forever, right?

----End Of Book Seven----