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Unique Collection of all my RPCs.
Misfortunate Love

~Misfortunate Love~

Areana ran through the cold halls of the castle. Her shoulder length light brown hair flew behind her as she rounded a corner. She could still hear the guards chuckling about how the king wanted the fire demon, Ryuuin, dead. Her prismatic tunic rippled slightly as she shoved open the solid doors to the Grand Hall. In the middle of the room, a young man stood there. His dark hair was pulled back and he worn a crimson tunic. Her heart skipped a beat and she threw herself into his outstretched arms.

“They’re planning to kill you…” She murmured, pressing her face against his chest and intertwining her fingers with his.

“They won’t. Don’t worry about that” He muttered, stroking her hair, his eyes were a deep reddish color and his teeth were pointed at the edge. He pulled her in for a soft kiss, his lips parting slightly.

Areana heard the faint stumbling footsteps of the guards and tugged on the boy’s arm.

“Come with me Ryuuin. I’ll get you out of here and I’ll deal with them” she pleaded, bringing him towards the door in the corner.

He held her hand, pulling his arm free and turning towards the door. She moved herself directly in front of him, her hazel eyes welling up with tears.

“Don’t do this…” She begged.

The solid doors slammed open and Areana spun towards them in fear. There stood four men, all wearing dark blue tunics, laced with gold around the edges there were leather belts around their waists with guns in their holsters. She bravely stood in front of the boy and narrowed her gaze as they moved towards the couple.

“Step aside Area” one of them warned. “We are ordered to kill this beast. He has caused enough trouble to our country and death is his punishment”

They stepped towards her, and one pulled out a gun, pointing it towards Ryuuin. Areana stood frozen, inches from being in front of his weapon and inches from protecting Ryuuin. The guard smirked and fired the round right at him. Areana flinched, holding her ears and she gasped eyes wide. The bullet had stopped, an inch away from Ryuuin and as she released her breath, it dissolved into multicolor facets of light. The guard cursed, his attention suddenly fixed on the shaking boy. Areana ran over and clutched Ryuuin’s arm. She uttered a cry and removed her hand, black burn marks were all over her skin.

“Stay back Area…” shuddered Ryuuin as his fangs shot out, looking wickeder each second. His crimson eyes turned coal black, flames reflecting in them. His nails grew longer, and soon he clenched his fists, the nails digging deep into his own flesh. He chuckled darkly as the guards stood in fear.

“No… Don’t change now…” She took a breath and stood in front of him again, carefully wrapping her arms around his waist, on his clothes, she could feel the heat radiating off his skin, but he couldn’t burn her yet. He grunted, trying free himself from her grip.

“Move… I want to kill them all…” he growled.

Areana moved slightly, completely turning herself around to face the guards. She spoke in a shaky voice, trying to come up with a plan. “I you want him, you’ll have to kill me first.” She said sternly.

The leader smirked and raised his gun, unafraid of the terrible beast that stood just behind this petite girl. “It’s unfortunate Areana, but so be it.” He fired several bullets at her.

Areana closed her eyes and grimaced, feeling the pings of the bullets grazing her skin, but never making complete contact. They too had dissolved into prisms and she took a breath. Her magic wouldn’t last for long. She knew in her heart she needed to get Ryuuin out of there. She awaited the next slew of bullets. But instead, what she heard next was terrifying. Ryuuin lost his control, his hair bursting into flames and he roared, slamming Areana into a wall and charging towards the guards. She hit the wall and fell limply to the floor moaning. Ryuuin had one of the guards pressed against the wall his burning hand enclosing the guard’s throat. He bared his fangs and the guard kicked his legs, running out of air. The remaining three stood in fear, frozen in their place. Areana choked feebly, holding her hand out.

“Ryuuin, don’t please… We can leave this place, before it’s too late” She rose shakily to her feet, her right arm badly burned by both him hitting her and her collision with the wall.

The guard being held up by Ryuuin was dead. Ryuuin turned towards the others and swiped two of them out of his way, leaving their leader. He raised him gun at Ryuuin and smiled evilly. “See Area? He’s a monster. He will never be able to protect anyone.”

His finger played with the trigger and Ryuuin snarled, unmoving. In a second, everything happened, Areana ran towards Ryuuin, raising her shield, the bullets dissolved and as she got to him, she felt something pierce her chest. Another bullet had been fired, and she hadn’t seen it. She felt all the air escape from her chest and her legs gave way; she fell to the stone at Ryuuin’s feet, her chest heaving.

The guard stopped, realizing what he had done. He tried to flee the room, but Ryuuin was next to him, roaring in agony and driving his nails into his stomach. He was doubled over and knocked into a wall. Struggling to run, he dragged himself to his feet, but Ryuuin was there, he took the guards head in his hand and twisted, killing him instantly. As he turned towards Areana’s limp figure, his expression of anger was replaced by fear. His eyes became clearer, the reddish color returning. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were torn. Dropping to his knees, he lifted her body to his and cried, cradling her in his arms. The sobs wracked his entire body and he pressed his lips to her softly…

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