Delirium K
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Megalomaniac Art Quest
I love Avi art, but I change my avi around so much since I keep finding more items I like. Instead I decided to quest for art of me, which I can use anytime.
Fortunately I am a model, so I have lots of pictures of myself in cute outfits I can be drawn in, but since most people like to draw based on avis, I also am making dream avis based on my pictures as well.

What I want:
-it does not have to be exact to the avi or picture, especially with poses.
-I love pin-up/sexy styles, but I also like fun chibis too.
-include my cheek piercings, (some of the pictures may not have them since I had to remove them)
-As for price, I want to stay under 1mil unlesss I REALLY like someone's art style. I don't use GaiaCash so I am not that rich.

Referances (I also have all the tektek links for pixel art)
Detailed or simple
The concept of this one was to have the plants 'growing' out of me (thus the fake blood around the leaves) you can keep the blood or just make it look like ivy wrapped around.

Simple and cute, def a good one for a sexy pin up.

Misc. avis based on me, usually outfits I have worn out at the bar ect. For the long black hair, I want it to be purple/almost black.

If you are interested in drawing me, PM me or post in the comments <3