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Yesterday is a boring day. Nothing to do. I dreamt of my friends Syazwan & Ameer. Weird. Syazwan teases me. Ameer sitting next to him.

Okay lets write about today. I dreamt of Azrie, my bff. Nice this time is a right dream. Not writing about it. But why was i dreaming about guys in a row? Zzzzz dream is sleep's game.

Today Azrie & i are not okay. I want ABC he made. But he was too far. Then he said he would hang out with me when he comes back. But i didn't believe him because i know his dad won't let him so. I wonder whyyyy! In the end, he's just gonna apologise for his dad's attitude. & also blaming him.

I'm gonna sulk for 2 days. Lets see whether he's gonna persuade me or not. I hope he will. I don't follow him in twitter but i read his tweets. Hahahahaha evil genius me! I wanna see whether he has an effort for me or just let me be like this for 2 days. I turned off my phone & tryna let him contact me thru twitter. But it seems like he doesn't. Lets just wait.

Feel very hungry. I think imma fry some fries :9 if i'm not lazy after this. Now watching Love & Other Drugs. Luckily i'm gonna be 18 hahahahah still underage >smilies/icon_smile.gif