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Friend's Gassy Cousins (As Told By Sorren)

Hello, my name is Sorren.

So this was at my best friend's first communion party. You see the thing with his family (on his mom's side at least) the all seem to get gassy from eating chicken. So he had about 7 all female cousins around 13 to 16, I was around 11 at this time. They were all in his room playing a video game and decided to pull me into the room. I sat there for about 10 minutes and then one started to complain about being gassy. She let out a really long fart and all the other girls began to giggle and farted along with her. My friend's older sister started stating how gross they were and left. Then one of my friend's cousins looked towards me and asked if I was into girls and their bodies yet. I said yes being the pervert I was back then. So she put her a** to my face and asked what I would rate it. I said a 7 because it was cute but wasn't the best. She got offended by this and let a long heavenly smelling fly into my face and told me to rate it. I said it was a perfect ten. Then another one of the cousins tackled me and began accusing me of having a fart fetish. I denied it of course so then she said I should hate "this". She the sat on my face and let out a few wet farts. I laughed and said I was ok with it. At that moment all of them became interested and tried climbing on top of me letting out a lot of farts with various smells each smellier than the last . One said she was feeling a bit horny from the vibration and began pulling her pants down. I was beginning to consider leaving but the someone started holding me down. His cousin that pulled her pants down then sat her soft butt on my face and farted multiple long SBDs up my nose. It stunk so much I began to get a little dizzy. To tease me she began rubbing her butt into my face. Now you are probably wondering where my friend is. Well he actually went to the store with his mom to buy plates so I had very low hopes for getting out soon. They all formed a circle around me and started forcing out farts at once. I was so turned on and hard. One noticed I had a boner and then sat on my lap and farted. I believe that was the 13 year old that had a bit of a crush on me. Then I was given 2 options by the oldest and that was to either let her sit on my face bare a** and fart or I have to kiss her farts also bare a**. I chose to kiss her farts since I probably would have suffocated. I got on my knees and she began farting. I kissed her farts and the one opened my mouth to let her fart in. I started to cough a bit but I loved it. The second youngest wanted to see what the other option was like and had 2 other cousins hold me down. She squatted down jest hovering a few inches over my face and let out a few wet farts. I turned my head and then she sat on my face and rubbed her a** into it. She wasn't fully satisfied by this though. She then tuned my head and sat on my nose and let out the smelliest fart I had ever smelled. She had me open my mouth and let a bunch of farts out. She looked at me and smiled and the told me to kiss her a** and say I loved her farts. I did as I was told since I was enjoying myself. She got off me and kissed me on the cheek and teased how bad my face smelt. I sat I the room with them just letting them their farts fly while I deeply inhaled the aroma until my friend finally came back. He called me to come down stairs but before I left the youngest left me with a kiss on the cheek and pushed her a** against my hard c**k and let a long warm brassy fart. As I was walking down the stairs and called to me saying that I'd get to smell her farts again. Sadly though I never got to.

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