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Matar's Diary
Second Stage Supernova #2 - Underestimate
She'd been acting far too kind lately, and in retrospect, Matar supposed that in itself should have been a huge red flag. None of the others were ever very kind to her--especially not Enif. Never Enif. The only time she was ever kind was...

When she had something like this planned. Dodging another swipe from Enif's parasol, Matar stumbled back and barely managed to put an arm up in time to block the punch that followed. She winced, breathing in sharply between her teeth; her arm was already bruised enough as it is, and cut in several places. She felt blood drip from her nose, warm as a drop of it trailed down her lips. Out of instinct, she wiped her face, smearing blood on her sleeve--and instantly she regretted the action as her broken nose gave a painful twang.

She cursed and then cried out as Enif took the opportunity to swing her parasol once more, a hard swing that made its mark with a sick crack against the side of Matar's skull. As Matar stumbled back, Enif let out a wild cackle, her expression far too entertained.

"Come now, little sister," Enif cooed, blind eyes narrowed from the width of her gleeful grin. "You're not going to give in already, are you? That's no fun, I just want to play...~" Grin still wide as ever, she gripped her parasol and pulled on the handle. It came loose, revealing a bright, sharp blade embedded within it, and at Matar's panicked expression her laughter returned.

"This isn't playing," Matar mumbled, holding her head with one hand. She blinked, still dazed, trying to clear her vision as her head throbbed painfully. She hadn't even thought to summon her anchor--hadn't even thought she'd need it to help her fight--but as she backed away from Enif she wished she'd thought more clearly. There was no point in it now, though; she'd be too slow, and Enif was too quick with that knife of hers.

"It's play to me," Enif hummed, a sickly sweet smile on her pink-painted lips.

Matar opened her mouth to debate, but before she could utter a word, Enif lunged, grabbing the front of Matar's sweater. Half of her parasol left behind, the only weapon Enif had now was the knife she held daintily in her right hand.

Feeling panic setting in, Matar started to struggle, trying to get free, but then the cold blade pressed against her neck and she immediately went still. Her hands clung to Enif's, where they'd been uselessly trying to pry her fingers from the sweater. "Enif--"

"What's the matter, little sister?" Enif purred, leaning in with a smile. She pressed the knife further, drawing blood. "Are you truly not having any fun?"

"No, I'm not," Matar mumbled, trying to keep herself calm. She could feel the panic twisting in her stomach, and her entire body aching so badly, and her head still throbbing... And under all that, she felt a warmth in her stomach, too; her nerves hadn't completely overshadowed the anger she was feeling. Did Enif really, truly dare to do all of this to her and think of it as just a game? Matar knew Enif wasn't completely right in the head, but to go so far as this filled her with anger--and sadness. Weren't they family?

Pressing her forehead to Matar's, Enif gave a fake pout, her unseeing golden eyes wide as if to emphasize her discontent. "This isn't fun? I don't understand! I think it's wonderful, how could you not?" She paused and her expression changed, as if she'd just had a revelation, and a teasing grin crept onto her face.

"It's because I'm winning, right? And you can't do anything to stop me. Right? You want to fight back but you can't because you're too weak, and your strong will betrayed you because your morals won't let you hurt family even if they're beating you right into your deathbed!" She laughed, wildly and victoriously, pressing her knife further. "Is that it, little sister? Is that why it's no fun? Because you'll always be too weak?"

The heat of her anger curled around her fear and burned it away, and Matar tightened her grip on Enif's hand so much that her nails dug into the flesh. Her expression was calm, neutral, but there was something dark in her eyes as she looked up at Enif.

"No," she said. "You're wrong. I'm not weak at all, and it was a mistake for you to underestimate me like that."

"You can't beat me," Enif said, scowling. "You're just an Eta Star. I'm stronger in every way."

"Every way but one," Matar said. She grinned, waited for Enif to realize what she meant, and when she saw the understanding and fear in Enif's expression she let out a laugh that matched Enif's own. The light she gave off was bright and hot and she felt her anger leave her, but something heavy still remained...

Matar came to, sadness in her heart. She laughed as she opened her eyes, but couldn't for the life of her figure out why.

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