Happy new year everyone! biggrin Is 2014 going good for ya guys? I sure hope so! owo Anyways I finally finished the 6th book in my Protectors series! So yeah enjoy! c:

The Protectors Book Six: Dark Moon: As Wind is losing badly to her cancer... Another danger strikes StartLight... Forcing the Kingdom's only hope to fight again, but things won't be so easy as Lois and Snow both depressed due to family problems must try and get back on their paws, and hunnie will soon realize what
kind of world she really lives in, when something very unexpected takes place. Genre: Drama/Family/Hurt/Comfort/fantasy.

"Katie did what!?" Rexie cried, while trying to process the news.

"I-I'm so sorry, Sweetie... I should've been watching her more closely..." Lois said weakly.

"It's not your fault! Listen we'll be over there soon so just call the police, and hang in there," Rexie replied, before hanging up the phone.

"What happened?" Kairi asked with concern written all over her face.

"Kate... She killed herself," Rexie managed to choke out, before bursting into sobs.

"Oh my god, Rexie I am so sorry," Kairi responded, taking her Fox into her arms.

"W-We need to go over to my Mom's. She needs us," Rexie sniffled.

"I agree! Let's go," The Red Head said, picking up her Fox and getting out of bed.

And so Kairi held Rex as they walked outside, and got into the car... Then they began their journey to go and help Lois.

--------In Cinder Valley---------

Lois had called the cops, who had come quickly to take a look at Kate. They had Lois answer some questions,

but after knowing for a fact that she couldn't handle anymore, they stopped.

The police took Katie's body and took it to the station, so that in the morning it could go to the funeral home.

When Rexie and Kairi arrived at their destination, both got out of the vehicle quickly and ran up to the

front door.

The cops were gone... Everything seemed quiet... But inside their bodies, Kairi's and Rex's hearts were

beating loudly.

Then Rex raised her right paw and knocked on the door... Which was opened almost immediately by Weezy.

"Weezy, what are you doing here?" Rexie asked.

"Leo and I got a call from Mom about Kate... I kinda broke the speed limit to get here, but hey no police pulled us over so that's good," The Older Male Fox answered.

"Is she okay?" The Nine-Tailed Kitsune questioned.

"No..." Weezy began. "Leo's in Mom's bedroom comforting her..." The Fox finished.

"Well let us in to see her!" Kairi spoke up.

"Oh right! Sorry," Weezy replied, stepping aside to pet the pair in the house.

"I hate this..." Rexie thought, as she tried her hardest to hold back tears.

"It's okay, Sweetie just let it out," Kairi said gently, picking up her Pet.

Knowing that her Master was right... Rex began to sob into the human girl's shoulder, as they reached Lois's


On the older Fox's bed Leo sat there holding the sobbing Mother.

"Oh my god..." Rex thought while more tears left her eyes.

A few hours passed and morning came. Everyone had been up all night due to the family issues that needed

tending to, however knowing that Kate's death had such a impact on everyone... Things were going to change for sure.

Lois was going to move to Lake Ville, where she'd live with Rex and Kairi.

But before that could happen, the house would have to be sold. Which would have to wait cause Katie's

funeral was going come first.

Leo and Weezy had eough money for the event... So that meant that after they had things set up, all the

family would need to do, would be to go and mourn the loss of their loved one.


----Back in Lake Ville----

Hunnie, and Snow were walking along the streets to Rex's house, not knowing that she wasn't there.

When the pair reached the house, they went up to the front door and knocked.

After that the Foxes waited for a minute and after not getting an answer, well fears began to rush through

their minds.

"Do you think something bad happened?" Snow asked.

"I hope not..." Hunnie replied, with worry written on her face.

"But what if something did happen!? Like Rex's Dad got out of jail!" The White-Furred Fox howled.

"Please, Snow do not put that thought in my mind," Hunnie responded.

"I'm sorry... I'm just worried now," Snow sighed.

"As am I," Hunnie said. "But come on let's go see how Wind's doing today, we can come back here later," The Kitsune added.

"Kay," Snow replied, as she and Hunnie then headed to the hospital.

"I'm so worried about Wind," Snow muttered.

"I know," Hunnie barked, while she walked along side her friend.

"Everyday I wake up petrified because she may be dead... And I don't want that to happen," Snow whimpered.

"Oh, Snow..." Hunnie said weakly, as she brought the other Fox into a tight hug.

"Well come on... Let's go," Snow managed to choke, letting go of Hunnie.

"Alright," Hunnie squeaked.

Back at Cinder Valley the family had came up with a plan; After the funeral Leo and Weezy would be the ones

to sell Lois's house so Lois wouldn't have to, which meant she'd move in with Kairi and Rexie right away.

And so the family began to arrange the event... As they all mourned the loss of Kate more and more.


Meanwhile at the hospital in Lake Ville, Snow and Hunnie were allowed into Wind's room to see her, but when

they set their sights on her... It was clear that Wind had gotten worse.

Being careful not to wake the sleeping Fox, the friends talked quietly in the room.

"My god... She looks horrible," Snow gulped.

"Y-Yeah..." Hunnie agreed in a weak voice.

"I love her, Hunnie it pains me to see her like this," Snow added, as tears began to escape her eyes.

A few days passed... The funeral took place, Lois collected her things, and then went to Lake Ville with Rexie, Kairi, Leo, and Weezy.

After not seeing Rex for a while, both Snow and Hunnie were very happy to find out that their pal was back in town.

But after hearing about Kate's death... Not only was Hunnie having doubts for Wind's life, but so was Snow... Cause if Rexie's sister could die... Then so could her's.

So things went on... Rexie, Snow, and Hunie continued going to school, Leo and Weezy both had to keep their job, and their house while trying to sell their mother's. Wind's Cancer was looking bad... And Lois was in a

deep depression, which Kairi and Rex were helping her get though.
--------------A Few Months Later-------------

As time passed things got better. Lois became happy again, and Leo and Weezy were able to sell her house in Cinder Valley. However Wind's condition stayed the same... Snow was really surprised at how she was still hanging on at all. It had been so long since her sister had been diagnosed with Cancer.

But Wind was strong so maybe she'd actually make it through.

Snow had managed to keep her grades high, despite the drama that had been going on. The white Fox didn't

know how she did it, but no matter what it always seemed that she could maintain good marks.

There was only a couple more months now til the school year would be over, which meant everyone was working harder than normal. More exams, more homework... Rexie, and Hunnie were always together with Snow for studying which also helped with the emotional issues.

One night when all three friends were all hanging out at Rex's house, a bright glow of pink and yellow light glowed into the window of the living room, where the Foxes were working and right away the friends knew what was happening.

"Another letter from the princess..." Snow sighed heavily, thinking back to when the exact same thing happened when the ruler had sent word for them to come and help protect The Empire.

"I wonder if everything's okay," Rexie barked, as the letter flowed through the window and landed on the floor.

"Well let's see," Hunnie added, while she and the others walked to the piece of paper.

Snow then used her magic to levitate the letter into the air and opened it.

"Okay girls, this is what the Princess "Dear Elements of Weather I regret to inform you that another danger is striking our land, and I'll need you four to use the elements to save Starlight again, if you could please catch the next train to my castle, so I could fill you girls in on what you need to do, well
that would be great!" -Princess Of Peace.

"We gotta go to the Castle right away!" Snow howled.

"I'll have to tell my parents though," Hunnie pointed out.

"And so do you, Snow," Rexie said.

"That's true... Okay let's meet back here in an hour!" Snow howled, as she picked up her school bag and books with her magic, and then ran out of the living room to head on home.

"What about Wind though... Hunne we'll need her," Rex whispered to her friend after Snow was out the door.

"I know we will, but we can't do anything... Let's just go to the Princess and see what's up, okay? Maybe

there will be way to protect Starlight without Wind," Hunnie replied, as she put her school stuff in her magic.

"Okay," Rexie replied.

"Good! Now then I'll see ya in an hour," Hunnie smirked, as she headed for the front door.

After getting everything they needed for the trip, and telling their loved ones that they'd be gone for a little bit, all three friends set out for the train station.

"So Kairi and my Mom told me that if we're gone for a really long time, so call them as much as possible,

but how would I be able to do that? We'd be really busy trying to help the Princess... I'd have no time at all to talk," Rexie explained.

"Same with my parents!" Hunnie and Snow squeaked in unison.


When the train arrived at the Princess's castle, Hunnie, Snow, and Rexie all went in to talk with their ruler.

"Princess! We're here what's going on," Rexie howled, running into the main room with her friends right behind her.

The tall crowned Fox turned to look at her visitors and sighed.

"The curse of The Dark Moon is upon us," The Princess answered.

"Wait what?" Hunnie questioned.

"2,000 years ago there was this moon it was as black as night, it travels through outer space and rotates around all of the planets, and well when it came to our's... It unleashed a deadly effect that nearly destroyed our world. When the Dark Moon reaches a planet, it starts off in one little area, but then a dark light from it grows so big that it stretches across the sky in every place of the world... When the sky is
covered with the moon, everyone becomes black, and they grow a p***s shaped body part in the middle of their back legs, And they begin to do bad things that they've thought of doing before. Some how the moon is able to take every bad thought from everyone and controls them to do so. It's called Dark Moon Madness," The Princess announced.

"Oh my god..." All three Foxes managed to choke out together.

"Due to the fact that The Dark Moon will soon be hitting our planet, I need you girls to use The Elements Of Weather and destroy it," The Ruler added.

"But why didn't you use The Elements and destroy it when it was hear last?" Rex asked.

"I tried, but it didn't work. I was able to use the elements to blow the Moon away from our world, but it didn't break into pieces like I hoped it would," The Princess responded.

"Well don't worry, Princess! We'll use the elements to make sure the moon doesn't hurt Starlight!" Hunnie barked.

"Good! But where's Wind? We're going to need her..." The Fox Ruler replied.

"... Princess we didn't tell you this before, cause we thought that maybe we could do this without Wind, but now that we know we can't... Well I don't think we can save our home this time. Wind is in the hospital because she has Cancer and she's losing badly to it," Rexie said weakly.

"Oh... Oh my," The Princess whimpered.

"I'm sorry, your highness..." Snow said sadly.

"There's no need to apologize , Dear. These things happen sometimes... It's just life," The Princess responded.

"We gotta try and save Starlight though!" Hunnie chirped.

"I agree," Snow said.

"How though?" Rexie questioned.

"Um, girls... I'm sorry, but unless we have Wind there is no other way to protect Starlight," Said The Fox


"So that means... The Dark Moon wins," Hunnie mumbled.

"Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you three, the moon will only be set in our sky for a week, and then It'll go on

to another world, but it can do a lot of damage in that time," The Princess added quickly. "And also there's a stone that is said to be in Lake Ville somewhere called The Moon Gem, it's supposed to freeze as many people as the user of the Gem wants, so that they can find a way to get the moon out of the sky... But

it will only freeze others for a minute," The Kitsune-Ruler Of Peace purred.

"Ah I see. Well... Could Wind live if we took away from the hospital just for the mission?" Snow wondered.

"I don't know... But it's a risk we're going to have to take," The Princess replied.

The Princess, Rexie, Snow, and Hunnie all went to Lake Ville to see if they could take Wind... When they got to the hospital and talked with the doctor they need that they were out of luck.

"I'm sorry, Girls and to you, Princess, but removing Wind could result in her dying we cannot allow you to take her," The Doctor said.

"Very well... Thanks anyway," Rex replied, with a weak smile.

After that the Doctor walked off leaving the group alone.

"Now what? Are we really gonna let The Dark Moon distory our home?" Hunnie barked.

"No! The Moon Gem will help us and then we'll be able to take Wind!" The Princess roared.

"Oh yeah! But how are we going to find it?" Snow asked.

"I don't know, but hey Snow my dear I would like to find The Gem yourself," The Ruler said.

"Me? But why..." Snow trailed off.

"Because I believe you can do it," Replied The Princess.

"Okay then I'll search high and low in Lake Ville for it!" Snow howled, as she padded away.

"Princess, why are you making her find the gem alone?" Hunnie questioned.

"You'll find out soon enough. You all will," The Princess Of Peace answered.

"Um... okay then," Hunnie said a tone of confusion, while Rexie gave her a worried look.

"Now then The Gem has got to be around here somewhere," Snow thought to herself, as she walked along the

streets of her town. "So if I were a gem where would I be..." The White-Furred Fox added under her breath.


"So we'll stay here in the hospital so that way when Snow comes back, she can cast the spell to freeze

everyone but us, and Wind which will allow us to use the elements and hopefully destroy the moon," The Princess explained.

"Sounds good!" The Three Foxes said, as they used their magic to make their elements appear in front of them.

Then the necklaces clicked around the necks of their owners, so now they were all ready to go!

"Gem... Come on little Moon Gem..." Snow growled to herself, as she sniffed around the local park.

Suddenly though the sky began to turn black... Which meant only one thing. The Dark Moon had made it.

"Oh no... I gotta find the gem!" Snow hissed loudly, while she began to run quickly through the park.

The Fox then stopped dead in her tracks... When she saw something glowing from a nearby tree.

"I hope that's what I think it is!" The Snow-White Kitsune yelped, as she headed over to the glowing plant.

When she came up to the tree, Snow saw a square-shaped door engraved in the bark... Which was the thing that was glowing.

"Hmm..." Snow thought to herself, as she opened the little door with her magic.

The Fox gasped loudly when she saw the Gem inside... It was shaped like a Moon and it was all Black.

"Well time to get this baby to the hospital!" Snow cheered, closing the tree door with her magic. However

before she could move, the door disappeared into thin air.

"What the heck?" Snow muttered. "It's like this tree knew I was looking for the Gem..."

"Guys I got the gem!" Snow howled, running over to the group in the waiting room.

"Oh thank goodness!" The Princess chirped.

"Now then how do I freeze everyone... Expect for you four and Wind?" Snow asked.

"Say Freeze all but The Princess and The Elements Of weather, while raising it up high with your magic," The Ruler explained.

"Alright..." Snow began, using her magic to raise the gem into the air.

"Freeze all but The Princess and The Elements Of Weather!" The Fox finished.

Then a flash of purple light flashed everywhere in Starlight, freezing everyone expect for the Foxes that needed to save the day.

"Good! Now let's get Wind and stop The Dark Moon," The Princess ordered, as she headed for Wind's room.

"Hey, Hun! We need you for a moment, kay?" The Ruler said to her sick subject, using her magic to raise Wind out of bed.

"K-Kay..." Wind managed to choke out.

"Come on lades, we don't have much time left... A minute will be up soon," The Princess said, using her

magic to cast a spell that made the elements of weather able to breathe in space, put Wind's element around her neck and then raised them through the hospital ceiling, and up to the moon.

Then the four Foxes found themselves floating in front of The Dark Moon in outer space.

"Alright let's do this!" Snow howled.

"Yes let's!" Hunnie and Rexie cheered.

Then all four elements began to glow a dark red, as a blast of rainbow appeared in the stary sky, and then crashed into The Dark Moon, causing it explode into bits.

After that the four Foxes were lifted back down to earth. They magically went through the hospital ceiling, and landed perfectly on the floor.

The Princess quickly used her magic to then take Wind's element off her neck, put Wind back to bed in her room... Which was amazing timing cause after The Sick Fox was back in bed, the freezing spell wore off.

"We did it!" Hunnie laughed.

"Yes!" Hunnie and Snow howled in unison, while The Princess magically popped up by them, after using a small travel spell.

"And Wind is still alive! It's a miracle," Snow said in content.

"Well done girls! Starlight is safe once again thanks to you," The Princess added.

"It was our pleasure, your highness," Rex smiled.

"Good! Now then I need to get back to the castle," The Ruler said.

"See ya soon then, Princess!" Rexie, Snow, and Hunnie replied together, before The royal Fox disappeared into thin air.

"Ya know, Girls... Earlier when I found the gem... It was in a tree. There was a square door that was engraved in it... And after I took the gem from the tree... Well the door just popped into air like it had never been there!" Snow howled.

"That's weird," Hunnie said.

"Yeah!" Rexie agreed.

"Huh... I wonder why it did that," Snow muttered.


After a few minutes The Foxes left the hospital and headed to their homes... As Hunnie was walking along she heard screams coming from up the street.

As the Fox walked along to get home... She saw a car in the middle of the road with two Grown up Foxes laying, covered in blood a few feet away... Hunnie looked at the other Foxes and realized who they were...

"Mom... Dad," Hunnie mumbled, with the sound of fear in her voice.

----End Of Book Six----