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Alright so today I figure that you'll get a list of some of the irritations that really really bother me.
1) touching me when I do not want to be touched.
This is really ******** common sense and yet some people still don't get it. At all.
2) Taking my phone when I am using it all.
This is also REALLY ******** OBVIOUS. How in the hell do you think it's funny to take SOMEONE ELSE'S property, read the texts out loud multiple times, AND think it's funny each time.This is not ok especially with the conversation I was having at the time.
3) If you do the above two, DO NOT THINK THAT I WILL NOT BE ANGRY AT YOU.
Please don't… Just don't.

So yeah those are some of my key peeves, you break them I will either break you or probably not speak to you kindly for a very long time.