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To the end of the world
The sound of boots clicked on the tile floor and echoed in the hallway. A man dressed completely in white and gold. Gloves even covered his hands. The only skin that was seen was between his white hair line and a metal mask that hid his nose, down to his chin. His eyes were an icy blue and his long white hair fell to the back of his knees. His aura radiated nothing but cold. Even the man next to him didn't seem to want to be there.

He passed many doors in the long hallway to pause at one in particular. The man he had brought along opened the door for him to enter into. The room inside was nothing like the white hallway out side of it. It was dark. The stones upon the ground were rough and uneven. There was a man within the room, a thick, black collar around his neck and hands. The man looked a little thin, as if he hadn't been fed in a while. Fiery red hair was just long enough to fall into his electric green eyes. He smirked at his visitor. "Sevy." He cooed at the man.

The older man narrowed his eyes at him, "Your nick name for me Michael, is disgusting."

Michael laughed openly, "I knew that you couldn't stay away Sevy, but really? That's all you came to tell me?"

Sevotarthe tipped his head slightly to stretch his neck. A slight tick of irritation. Michael was the angel of war. He needed this piece of s**t to do his bidding, and Michael knew it. "Are you ready to behave?"

Michael's eyes lit up, his roughed up face changing from the indignant smirk, to an almost child like hope. "Is she?" Sevotarthe gave a single nod. Michael let out another loud laugh and got to his feet. He opened his arms to Sevotarthe, "Then I'm off." He held out his hands, the look of fire returning to his eyes. "One thing though. It's hard to be an angel with these...." Sevotarthe pulled out a key and unlocked the collars around his neck and hands.

The two standing together was a huge expression of how tall Sevotarthe was. Michael stood at 5'9" and was easily dwarfed by the man in white. Before he could move away from Michael, he grabbed a gloved hand and gave a big kiss on the back of it. "Thanks Sevy." He hissed before slipping around him.

Sevotarthe pulled off the glove and tossed to the officer behind him, "Burn it." he ordered before following Michael down the hallway.


Jack had just gotten off work. He was a waiter and he worked a lot to make sure he could pay for his apartment where he and the love of his life lived. His light brown hair was slightly mussed from him running his hands through it too many times out of frustration. His hazel eyes showed how exhausted he was. He straddled his bike and pushed off, headed home for the night. He was starving and hoped that dinner was waiting for him at home. He had worked all day and had an extra two hundred dollars in his pocket. He wished he could have stopped and bought her something like a flower.... No, they needed the money else where.

He stopped at a light and glanced around. He damn near did a double take. There had been something down that alleyway. Had there been? He wasn't sure. Whatever it was, he felt a prickle run up his back. The dumb side of him wanted to check it out. Thankfully, the light changed and he was back going again.

It didn't take long to reach the apartment and he pushed his bike into the elevator and hit the button. It was strange, he couldn't shake off the feeling he had gotten earlier. The doors opened on the third floor and he made his way to his door. Unlocking it, he called out, "I'm home sweetie."

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