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Welcome to 2014! Does it feel any different from 2013? Not really, but i havent had the new year to express myself yet. will my swearing get any better? (******** NO) will i learn to be more organized and keep my room clean? (maybe for a few days) will i eat any less or exercise more (HAHAHAHAHAHA) well i would like to clean up my act and become a smoking hot babe by summer but with my laziness it wont happen. will i be able to meet a guy and maybe have a longer term relationship? we'll see, i cant be as shy and weird anymore and maybe thats part of growing up, is letting a little part of yourself die so you can allow someone else in. i hope this year is even better than 2013 and im excited to meet all the new people along the way and get rid of those dragging me down. XOXO