My touches, they scar across your heart,
And tear into your skin.
Acidic words filled with empty lies,
You should know by now whats within has never been the truth.

I beg you please, keep away from me.
And yet you pull and pull away at the disgusting guise;trying to set me free.
But what you dont know is that what I once was is something I can no longer see.
But you keep this constant battle of wills alive to entertain the powers that be.

I want to stop destroying you but I cant.
This insaitable hunger shall devour all that you are.
Consuming everything until youre left there to fall apart.
How can you continue to smile and not faint?

Its like youre aching for the abuse,
The emotional strain.
Why would you do this?
Do you like being used?

I cant bear to see you burn,
Even if its my turn.
I look away from your serene expression as my nails seize your heart.
Such a foul taste of recognition as I realize Ive loved you from the start.