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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
This has to be the best YahooAnswer ever
Well that I've ever seen to date. I literally could kiss this person right now... if they were standing here....in my apartment. Can't believe I never saw it in 2007 or even 2008 I came across plenty of abortion argument posts, boards, conversations etc. back then. I was spending more time on Gaia than today, but still.....


"tony911m answered 7 years ago
Women not only feel they have to right, but they DO have the right. Always. Even the best efforts of birth control etc. can not guarantee no conception!

More children DIE in the third world (Africa etc) EVERY year than are BORN in the first world (America, Europe etc.)
The number of babies that are aborted in the first trimester is so tiny compared to the number that are already born and then die because of no food or illness that folks who worry about abortion look quite senseless to me.

Also, the "value" of human life is obviously extremely low since very little effort is made to save the poor babies that are already alive.. much less embryo! If the money that was spent trying to argue with women who have abortions, in ads or whatever, was spent in 3rd world food and medical aid, WAY more babies would be saved.

So, if you are focused on saving babies, stop worrying about the ones that are barely conceived, not yet viable, and focus on the ones that ARE born!

In addition, you assume your "value" system that every life is to be saved is shared by everyone. That is not the case. It is an artifact of only a segment of the judeo christian society.. Whereas many educated folks think that christians are on the same order with folks who believe in Santa Claus.. amusing but to be cautious around as they are nuts.

So, if you say life has no value until it is viable on its own, AND you have the resources to support it, the abortion IS the right thing to do, not the wrong one."

I love you Tony911m! smilies/icon_3nodding.gif smilies/icon_xd.gif smilies/icon_whee.gif

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