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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 27)
Chapter 27
Ninja Nightmare
(Not Sure Whether To Squeal Like the Fangirl I Am, or Run And Hide)

This day has been, in a word, confusing. I can’t tell whether to count it as a good day, or a bad day. Let’s start at the beginning.
Chiyo woke me up with one of my nightmare’s this morning. She went through the dream archives, found a couple nightmares and made them as terrifying as she possibly could. Note to self; Get payback later.
Erika was shooting daggers at me in the hallway, again, and Lissette and Gen were doing their best to avoid me altogether. I don’t blame any of them. I wouldn’t blame them if they hated me for the rest of eternity, I deserve it for what I did to them. Speaking of story characters, guess who I get to meet this Saturday? The characters from the crossover Irene and I are writing, Genso no Senshi. I already ran into one of them while on a trip to the store for mom after school today. Let’s just say, I am REALLY glad she didn’t recognize me…otherwise I’d be extra crispy right now. Alright, time for the whole story.
I was walking through the frozen aisle, getting some groceries for my mom, when I heard Irene’s voice from the next aisle over. She was talking to someone, which was why I didn’t go over to talk to her.
“Are you sure bringing her up is a good idea? I don’t know about the others, but I for one think two tsuki is enough.” The stranger said. The voice sounded female from where I was.
“Come on Liz, she’s not that bad. Yeah, she’s made some mistakes, but she kind of had this stuff thrust at her and didn’t know what it caused when it happened. She needs training, and we need to keep her out of trouble. What better place to do both than at the dojo?” Irene replied. Liz. She was talking to the character I’d made for our collab story, Genso no Senshi.
“…Does her family know anything about this?”
“No, she hasn’t told anyone that hasn’t been affected.”
“Good, make sure it stays that way. She may be able to handle herself with a bit of training, but the forest surrounding the dojo would be way too dangerous for the others if they’re not like her.”
“I’m guessing this means she can come?” There was a moment of silence, followed by a sigh from Liz.
“What did Kris and Iri have to say about it?”
“Iri’s okay with it, and Kris didn’t respond. You know how he’s been since you-know-who left.”
“Whose fault is that?” Liz replied, a chill seeping into her tone. Ironic, seeing as her element is fire.
“Are we really starting this again?”
“You know what, fine. She can come. Just don’t expect us to roll out the red carpet okay?”
“Deal, I’ll go explain things to her, you go tell the others the news…when you’re done with your shopping that is.”
With that, Irene left the store, not even seeing me. Unfortunately, Liz was in the aisle that I needed to be in next. I took a deep breath, tighten the grip on my basket of groceries, and turned the corner into the aisle. Standing in front of one of the freezer cases, was a girl with blue eyes, coal black hair, and d+arkish skin, reading price tags. Yep, that was Liz.
She glanced at me, nodding in polite acknowledgement, then looking back at the freezer case. I look at some of the price tags as well. Unfortunately, I am not used to Japanese currency yet, so I can’t tell which is a good price. I sigh.
“You’re new around here, aren’t you?” Liz asks, seeing that I’m having trouble.
“Kind of, is it that obvious?” I answer, a bit embarrassed.
“It’s no big deal. Having trouble with the different currency?”
“Yep, a dollar in American money is about the same as a hundred Yen, right?”
“Yeah, around that much. So you’re from America then?”
“Yeah, I like it better here though. I wish I could have brought my friends and the rest of my family with me though. If it wasn’t for that, I would have left without much argument.”
“That bad huh?”
“Considering I lived out in the middle of nowhere, where I was surrounded by mostly corn and soybean fields, yes, Japan is a big improvement so far.”
She kind of smiled a bit at that. The rest my time in the store was spent chatting with Liz, and having her help me figure out the currency. It was the most fun I’d had with any of my story characters…even if she didn’t know who I was. I wasn’t lying to her, she just never asked my name. I was glad that she didn’t though. If she knew Irene, then she knew about her story. Meaning, she know who had helped create the monster that killed their sensei, and take one of her friends away from her. Meaning, if she had known who I was, I most likely wouldn’t be here to tell this story.
I left the store a short while later, not sure whether I’d made a friend, or just added kindling to her inevitable fiery anger. Either way, this was going to be a heck of a week and not in a good way either.

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