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Happy new year,
2014, the furtureeee.
So excited for all the science this year, I have a feeling its going to be huge. Theres already so much happening, so many things being discovered, theres going to be huge break throughs, rainbow gravity and hologram universe asdlkfja;ls gah, they're so close to the unifying theory.
I've got two shows im going to this year, one is Light the Avenue this coming weekend and the Wonderyears in April. Super stoked, If I don't come back with mildly serious injuries from LTA i'll be disappointment.
I'm ganna lose my ******** s**t and mosh until i'm at least bleeding a little.
Hopefully I'll start being more extroverted after these shows. Maybe I can actually talk to ******** people. who knows though.
Which reminds me,
This is the message I want everyone to hear before i leave[youtube][/youtube]

And I'll be back soon
I hope that you understand
That this kills me too
But it makes me a better man
If you want the truth
I never really had any plans
It left me nicked up and bruised
But I just feel like this is something I have to do

Not too mention the many other words this band has that I hold close to me.

theres also a bunch of other things I want to say, things I really want to people to understand.
i;ve got a whole year to get it all out though.
Went to trevors dads land and got super ******** ******** up.
A tad bit too drunk and defiantly too high.
It was fun though.

well, guess thats it for now. I need to ******** sleeeeep.

******** back probably wont let me >_<