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My Oc: Background info
Here is some random information, If you are curious about the avatar I am using.
What's her story? Etc.

I came up with the design after coming across a lovely character Named Jarael from the Knights of the Old republic comic; while I was in a Rp guild waiting for the release of the MMO SWTOR.

I have been in love with the Knights of the Old Republic since Bioware made the first game. After reading more of Jarael's story I instantly became a fan and wanted to create a character just like her. Mostly because while I was RP, Race and Class hadn't been decided yet. and I was on the fence in my decisions. (im picky, and happen to change my mind all the damn time lol I cant help it. ) Eventually I decided to make the Offshoot race the icon for my character. Originally I was going to make her a descendant of Edessa, but since I don't know if Jarael had kids with Zayne, no doubt the half human offspring would not keep the image I was looking for, so I had to look else where...
Upon more research I came across the mysterious race called Sephi, They are largely unknown in the SW history (the only thing I know is that they are a pointed eared race with very long lifespans) and with very little reference at the time... but it was something I could work with so I decided to make my OC Half Sephi. That way it gave me more to work with, without the hassle of trying to be accurate. lol
So thus began my character's Design.

Jana is the name I went with since it had been the only name I had accepted to represent myself since middle school. I had gotten it from my favorite sequel Kotor 2, It was randomly generated when I was creating my Exile and have been stuck with it ever since then. Its my Go-to name and even convince my friends to start calling me that. So that is why I prefer Jana than my actual name now.
Background story i find to be very important when creating a character, so i am constantly trying to think of something mildly interesting that makes my character unique in the SW universe other than how she looks. (although i am constantly changing my ideas because later i somehow managed to find even better ones to add lol )
As staying with the theme of the genre i want her to be a force user since Jedi have always captivated me. They are so magical and mysterious and i want to learn all i can about Jedi and the force while trying to stay open-minded about other types of force users like those who follow the dark side and those who retain neutral status.

At first i wanted her origin to be an orphan with no parents to connect to, but how can i go on without knowing where she comes from if she is an orphan so i decided that okay.... she has parents but who are they and why did they are they not involved in her life?

So i thought about it for a long time until i finally thought of a good one;
Her mother Amaya was a Sephi jedi, Pureblooded and come from a well known family in the Republic. It was considered an honor for her to join the jedi and learn the ways of the force so did her ancestors before her. When she became a full fledged knight she was sent on numerous missions to the outer-rim colonies to repel pirates and bandits who preyed on the weak. Only to accidentally fall for an Offshoot Republic SIS Agent. But disappeared before he ever knew he had a daughter and Amaya was forced to return to republic space once her duties were done. She stayed at the academy on Dantooine where she trained but as soon as the signs of her pregnancy became difficult to hide Amaya began to worry. So she left order to consult her family on what to do with her unborn child...

(i saw an interesting thing on tumbr discussing Padme's pregnancy; "There are radical transformations in a woman during normal pregnancy: how much more intense would it be if her twin embryos were also filled with Force-laden midi-chlorians? like Padmé’s waking visions of Mustafar: Padmé's sleepwalking manifestations of the Force: Padmé's agony as her body reacts against the midi-chlorians.” -Iain McCaig)

i would have never thought about that that makes me think about amaya more...;

(I would imagine non-force users giving birth to force sensitive children might have problems during pregnancy, maybe less so if the mother is a force user herself.)


so now that i have jotted down my idea's about my OC's mother and her side of the story, i want to get into her Fathers the other important part. I was unsure what kind of roll i wanted him to play, but now that i think about it im fairly certain down the line i want them to meet accidentally...

I want him to be an SIS Agent of the republic (very James bond Dad here, which would be totally awesome!) who joined at a young age to get away from the hardships his people endures on Arkania, Over all his character is mysterious being a top agent for the SIS. He mainly works undercover or special ops missions getting critically important information to his superiors. He has a droid companion (who later Jana may inherit from him...)
But i should start from how he and Amaya met... which might turn out to be interesting indeed... this story begins when he is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of a republic officer and was to be executed for this crime until the merciful jedi Amaya saves him from that fate. To discover why he was framed he followed that jedi along on her journey only to discover the man he was accused of murdering wasn't actually dead...

He is also a force sensitive, though his abilities are virtually undeveloped and even though Amaya offered to teach him the ways of the force, he preferred to live like everyone else and continued on as an ordinary soldier of the republic... His only ability is some minor telekinesis though it is not as strong as Jana's who can move large objects with ease, he can still move smaller objects around if he wanted to.

but thats all i got for this right now.. ill update when i have figured out more to write lol...

I don't know what else to write so more can be added later when I feel like it c: