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Since today is the first day of 2014, i don't have nothing to write much. But i argued with my best friend. It's a normal thing but why the first day of new year? I don't understand. I woke up late and he was like sulking. Man i just woke up! He spoilt my mood. What a day.

Tomorrow is dad's birthday. I was thinking to buy him a Macbook Air as a present. I made green beans cookies today. For him. Just gonna wait til it'll be baked.

What a boring life after SPM. I feel like i wanna work but mom will never let me. Why? I wanna find my own money & buy a smartphone from Sony *sigh*. Xperia L is what i aim.

I guess imma go thru my TL on twitter & probably finish my art.

Last night i dreamt of my friend named Ish. I wonder why. What a weird dream.