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Sublime Searchings
White culture: it indeed exists. To make clear what I mean by "culture", let me say that it is the product of the finest thinkers and writers on all subjects important to our people for taking us into the future as a distinct people. This definition may not be the best, but for purposes of this entry, it suffices. As always, comments are always welcome provided they're given respectfully.

While many of the nationalities that make up our race provide subcultures, they do remain interlinked by blood and by the overall Western Civilization theme.

At this time Western Civilization is dying as a culture. This means that its ideas for preserving and advancing our people into the future have been notably deficient.

Let's take the issue of race for example to illustrate what I mean. Western Civilization is a product of the White race and no others. It was created for us, by our people, to set down a record for us to follow through the ages. How did it fail? It did not adequately give direction for us in our dealings with non-whites so as to protect our own distinct people's genetic heritage. Miscegenation is genocide via the bedroom, producing no White children from these unions and many Whites who do not make up the top 20% in terms of quality are breeding down amongst themselves.

As the biological integrity of our people deteriorates, our race as a whole fails at upholding previously held high standards regarding the quality of our people.

The culture suffers from a poorer quality of people as well...and it shows. Ape-ing negroid "culture", denigrating our own culture, and generally devolving into isolated units whose only care is for themselves produces fruit in accordance with its bad practices.

That said, I've given the impression that all is lost. Quite the contrary. Much can be done by everyone by simply picking up responsibility for what is happening and contributing towards a new order on a civilizational level..surpassing Western Civilization into something new. I may expound upon this more in the future, but for now I will end this as the beginning of an introduction to a new civilization.

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