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All is what is.
How To Be Politically Retarded: Russian Edition
There's two users, as of this writing, in the ED that have changed their viewpoint of Russia being a s**t-hole, mostly because of xenophobic, "Murica #1" mentality, into that of it being the most "favorable" place on Earth. Those two users are Avgvsto and Prince Ikari.

To put this into perspective, it's mainly because they lie through their teeth about being tolerant of homosexuals and are beyond happy about homosexuals being allowed to be beaten in public. Their political retardation comes in the form of not paying any attention to what has happened in Russia prior to this law, or rather, sucking up any and all opposing feedback they can get and then just discarding it as if it never happened and that it had nothing to do with their xenophobia. They try to curve this intolerance into claiming their "change" is because of Russia's economic policies and "not being U.S.A.'s b***h." Sad thing is that their economy has pretty much been the exact same for over 10 years, so I guess it's about time they actually tried to learn something about anyone else other than themselves and "Murica".

Of course, let's put this into perspective of what I can do, shall we?
Them: "Russia's a great place, because they* stand up for what they* believe in and aren't America's b***h." They* believe in putting homosexuals to death.
Me: "North Korea's a great place, because they* stand up for what they* believe in and aren't America's b***h." They* believe in putting Christians to death for selling a Bible. (Side note: North Korea hasn't changed much in over 10 years, either.)

*"They" being the "leaders" they circle-jerk to and the most irrational numb-skulls with fringe, uneducated viewpoints and behavior.

It's official; these people are, without a shadow of a doubt, morons. Go inject some Krokodil into your genitals; I heard it causes a different type of orgasm. Remember kids; all other things are to be discarded. If a country is against homosexuals and is Christian-run, disregard everything else and claim your new found, xenophobic switch-around was caused by actual logic and something else.

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