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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 26)
Chapter 26
Searching For A Way To Separate From Chiyo: Attempt 1
(Please, Please, Please Let This Work)

Alright, apparently Tokine got all of the information that she knew on kotodama’s from a really old scroll she found with the others the Yukimura’s own. Not much info on it that I didn’t know, but unfortunately, there wasn’t even mention of a spell I could use to get rid of Chiyo. I’m stuck with her.
Hey, it’s not exactly paradise in here either. When was the last time you even tried to organize your brain at all? It’s like freaking Chicago rush hour in here! Chiyo complains, causing me to roll my eyes.
It was fine until you got in there…at least I could pick stuff out of the mess. I replied. Honestly, unless I’m a in a fight, the worst she can do is complain and give me nightmares. Most powerful evil my butt.
I got the scroll from Tokine two days ago, and as soon as I started reading it, Chiyo woke up. She seemed just as eager to separate as I did, probably because she thought it would be less likely I’d squeal on her.
Hey, the last thing I need is the Council on my trail again. She says, hearing my thought. The Council is pretty much a handful of the most powerful tsuki, and they are pretty much the closest thing to a government we have. They are usually arrogant, corrupt, power crazy, or all of the above. Yep, definitely sounds like government people to me!
Oh I won’t tell, but you leave my friends alone.
You don’t control me you little brat.
Hey, you’re in my head, my rules. You don’t like it, tough.
She starts muttering something in French. I am really glad I learned Spanish, instead of French, ‘cause she does not sound happy. I sigh and go back to working on my fanfiction. Chiyo starts rummaging around in my brain. She’s been doing that since last night.
What are you going through in there? I ask.
Dream Archives. It’s the only organized part of your brain. It’s also the most interesting, I had no idea humans could have imaginations like this.
…Is that a good thing? Or are you just trying to insult me again?
Nah, there’s some good stuff in here. Wish some of them had an ending though, I hate cliffhangers.
Well, we actually have something in common then.
I guess so… She goes back to rummaging around. Honestly, I don’t really care if she goes through my dreams at the moment, so long as she’s not making trouble. As long as she’s entertained, I get some peace.
I go back to typing, ignoring her occasional snickering, or ‘So that’s where she got that idea’. My guess is that she actually likes the stuff she’s finding in there…so long as she isn’t messing with anything personal, I don’t have much problem with her going through my dreams. It’s actually nice to be able to let someone else see them.
I don’t see why Irene and Rin sounded so worried about Chiyo. She doesn’t really seem so bad. Yeah, she threatened me in that nightmare, made that fake Kaguro show up (Yeah, that was her. Both times. Still don’t know how to react to that.), and said something about finishing Irene off, but I don’t think she meant any of it. I think she just really doesn’t want to get ratted out. I’ll play along for now. If it turns out I’m wrong and can’t handle her on my own, then I’ll get help. Until then, maybe I’ll be able to get used to having her live in my head.

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