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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 23)
Chapter 23
Midnight Meeting
(Good Thing I Already Slept)

It’s eleven thirty by the time I wake up and look over at my alarm clock. I get up, pull on the blue jacket and a pair of sneakers again, and check to make sure everyone else is asleep. Out like a light, all of them.
I silently open the front door, close it behind me, and start running towards the school. Yep, I ran, willingly. I didn’t get tired early on, like I usually do, either. In fact, I felt like I had energy to spare, and speed too. I was running even faster than the night I twisted my ankle. Why couldn’t I have become a kotodama tsuki before I didn’t have gym class anymore?
Before long, I reach the back gate of the school, no delays, no Kaguro either. Weird, you’d think he’d be bugging me again, now that no one’s around. Huh, must have found something better to do, or it really was a hallucination.
“Hey Bethany” Irene says, waving me over. I head towards her, seeing someone standing beside her. It’s a guy, I can tell that much, and he looks like he could be her twin.
“See Rin, I told you she’d come. She’s not the coward you thought she’d be.” She brags, elbowing him in a sisterly way. Yep, these two must be siblings.
“Alright, alright, you win…she doesn’t really look like much though.” Rin says, scanning me.
“Hey, you’re no Superman either.” I tell him. Irene laughs.
“She’s got you there Rin.” She tells him. Rin looks kind of shocked.
“I didn’t think you’d influence her this soon sis. She’s already annoying.” He comments.
“Yeah, well ‘she’ isn’t afraid to clock you one either, so watch your mouth.” I threaten, then turn back to Irene “Not much of a ladies man, is he?”
Irene just laughs until she’s practically rolling on the ground. Meanwhile, Rin just stands there, face blood red with anger. And I thought my brother was a pain. This guy sure knows how to make a good first impression.
“Okay, now would someone explain the whole reincarnation thing to me? Believe it or not, I didn’t come here to give him a hard time.” I say. Irene stands back up, nodding as her laughter subsides.
“Why are we explaining that to her? It’s not like she’ll ever meet one.”
“She IS one you dope. I thought I told you that earlier?”
“No, you might have forgotten to mention that.”
“Really? I’m pretty sure I did.”
“No, you didn’t”
“Yeah I did, you just weren’t listening, like usual.”
“I’d listen if you’d stick to your point better.”
“I’d be able to stick to it, if you didn’t interrupt me all the time…”
Oh brother, these guys aren’t siblings. They’re an old married couple! Well, they fight like one at least.
“Um, guys? Remember me? The newbie who doesn’t know what the heck you’re talking about?” I ask, trying to put an end to the fight.
“Right, sorry, we do that a lot.” Irene apologizes “Alright then, where do we start?”
“How about the fact that a reincarnation kotodama is pretty freaking rare?” Rin says. Cool, I’m rare.
“Right, and they only ever appear when a kotodama tsukis soul detaches from its body, or in other words, its body dies, and then goes into the dead body of another creature, say, a human for example, after that body’s soul leaves…you still with me?” Irene starts. I nod, trying to get her to go on.
“The reason the kotodama’s soul goes to another body, is because it’s dead body is harder to heal than a weaker creatures, therefore it moves to another body. A kotodama’s soul doesn’t easily die out.” Rin continues.
“Exactly, and it’s usually only a dark kotodama tsuki’s soul that anyone would even need to destroy. A dark kotodama is about the most powerful evil that anyone could even dream of, and is even more rare than a reincarnation. A dark kotodama is never given the chance to reincarnate.”
“Well, except Chiyo, but that’s because she keeps…ouch! What? She should know.” Rin interrupts, the last part being said as his sister punches him in the arm.
“We’ll tell her about Chiyo if necessary, but it’s not right now.” She hisses at him.
“Um, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear about the Chiyo part.” I tell them. Could this person they’re talking about be the Chiyo from my nightmare? It sure sounds like it.
“Good, you don’t need to know about her right now. Anyways, a reincarnation is just about as powerful as a pureblood, which is what Rin and I are.”
“You’re not the only one that’s rare.”
“Rin, shut up. And you get your powers soon after reincarnation, unless the other soul is still in the body. Then you get them a bit later.”
“Only a dark kotodama would do that though.”
“Right, which remind me, have you been feeling any different since you woke up in the hospital? Like, personality, or interest wise?” Irene asks.
“Not really…unless I suddenly like seafood, which I haven’t had any since I got here, so nope. I pretty much feel the same.” I answer. She looks at Rin.
“Told you we should’ve told her about…”
“Not now. We still don’t know for sure that it’s her.”
“What other proof do we need? Chiyo’s the only one that would have done that.”
“On purpose! She’s the only one that would do it on purpose! It could have been a fluke.”
“Fine, but you baby sit her until we know for sure.”
“Fine, we’d better get you back home now Bethany, before someone wakes up and realizes you’re gone.” Irene says, grabbing my shoulder, turning me around, and walking me away from the school.
Am I the only one who thinks that something else is happening that I don’t know crap about?

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