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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 21)
Chapter 21
(I Really Hope They Can Forgive Me For Being A Piece Of…Well, You Get The Idea)

I walk up to the apartment building that Lissette and Azza live in (Erika lives in another one on the other side of town) and head up the stairs. I created them, so of course, I know what apartment they live in. Probably a bit creepy, I know, but useful.
I am now standing in front of the door to Lissette and Azza’s apartment, and reach up to knock on the door. I hesitate, feeling as if I’m being watched. Seeing as I ran into Kaguro this morning (I think, that was probably me losing it again), the feeling doesn’t surprise me. It’s probably either him again, or Gen glaring at me from his apartment. My bet’s on both.
I clench my fists at my side, my guilt gnawing at me like a dog on a bone. I finally knock, the door practically flung open as soon as my fist hits it. Azza’s the one who opens it, and regardless of what I told them all earlier, she looks happy to see me.
“Hey Bethany, what’s up?” She asks, practically dragging me inside and closing the door behind us. I let my eyes wander around the room and spot Lissette sitting at the table, working on a sketch.
“Hey Lissette” I say, waving a little bit. She doesn’t even glance up at me. I don’t blame her, finding out that you’re a fan fiction character must be a lot to take in.
Azza stomps over to her sister like a five year old in the middle of a tantrum, and frowns at her sister.
“Lizzie, be nice. It’s not like she meant to do any of this. Plus she did create us in the first place, so that’s something good that came out of it.” She says, hands on her hips. Yep, this is exactly how I imagined Azza, immature, but able to find a bright side to almost any outcome. Lissette glances up at her.
“Yes, but she also killed you, and mom, plus made us related to Kaguro.” She replies. This, is also how I imagined Lissette, the complete opposite of her sister.
“Well, she brought me back too, and if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t have met Gen, and I’d probably be trying to set you up with someone else. We all know that neither of you would like that. Lizzie, at least give her a chance.” Azza retaliated. Lissette glares at me for a moment.
“Fine, but if she makes a third story, I get to kick her…” Okay, regretting the fact that Lissette curses when she’s threatening someone. You can probably fill in the blank though.
“Um…about that...I actually have an idea for that, but there won’t be hardly in violence in part three, if any at all.” I say, which seems to convince her, although I can see them both shuddering when I say I have another idea.
Just then, there’s another knock on the door, and a tired hirr coming from the other side. Three guesses as to who was there.
Those of you who said Erika and Fafnir, you’re correct. Those of you who said otherwise, go sit and a corner.
“Hey Erika” Lissette says, as Azza opens the door.
“Hey…what’s she doing here?” Erika replies, glaring at me from the doorway. Yep, feelin’ the love in this room.
“My guess, she’s going to try and explain herself, although so far, Azza’s doing a better job at it than her.” Lissette answers.
“Okay, ouch.” I say. It’s pretty bad when your own character insults you…no matter how right they are. Erika just continues to stare daggers at me as she comes inside and leans up against the wall opposite me.
“Well, get on with it then.” She says, surprising the crap out of me. I was actually expecting her to curse me out and leave…I guess characters can develop on their own.
“Where do you want me to start?” I ask.
“How about the reason you made it so even my own parents were so afraid of me they wanted to kill me, along with the rest of my home town?” Erika replies coldly. I wince at her words, not even able to imagine how she must have felt. I know how I’m feeling right now, extremely guilty.
“I was trying to figure out a way for you and Lissette to meet up that made sense. In all honesty, I would have tried harder to find another way if I’d known that it would really happen. Also, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten in the sequel so far, so I can guarantee you that it’s going to be a lot different than I’d planned it to be…especially the ending.” I explain, trying to stay calm. She seems to except the explanation, but still doesn’t seem too happy.
“Hey, why did you have to give Karasumori telepathy? Having another voice in your head is pretty creepy.” Lissette asks, looking more annoyed than angry now.
“To tell the truth, I thought it would be funny. Plus, you don’t really get Karasumori’s point of view on anything in the show, so I was curious and wanted to experiment a bit. Don’t worry though, it gets a lot less annoying in the sequel.” I tell her, trying not to laugh. How did I know that she’d ask about that?
“Hirr!” Fafnir exclaims, finally fully awake and recognizing my scent. I freeze as he heads straight for me, tackling me to the ground.
“Well, now I know better than to have you tackle anybody too much.” I tell him as he sits on my stomach, tail swaying in a dog-like fashion, reminding me of our old St. Bernard, Samson, who we had to leave with my grandma and grandpa Briar (my mom’s parents). I miss that dog. I guess that’s where the inspiration for Fafnir came from.
He snuffs my face for a minute, hirrs again, then gets off of me, sticking his head under my hand once I’ve stood up. Well, that’s two characters that like me now, two to go.
I pat him on the head, which I know he loves, and scratch him where his ears would be, if dragons actually had ears that showed on the outside. He hirrs happily, as I do, obviously loving the attention. That was Samson’s scratch spot too, Fafnir must have come from him.
"Traitor" I hear Erika mutter from across the room, apparently ticked off that all it takes to win Fafnir over is a scratch behind where his ears should be. Well, at least he and Azza don’t hold a grudge. Unfortunately I didn’t make Erika or Lissette so forgiving.
Fafnir trots back over to Erika once I stop scratching, forever loyal to the friend who nursed him back to health when he broke his wing and was abandoned, yet understanding of the person that caused that to happen in the first place.
“Don’t get the wrong idea. Just because lizard breath over there likes you, doesn’t mean you’re forgiven by the rest of us.” Lissette tells me, noticing my looking at Fafnir.
“I know” I reply, hoping she can tell that I truly am sorry for all of the crap I put them through, and will do whatever it takes to make things right.
She stares me down for a moment, reminding me that Karasumori is probably telling her my every thought. Why did I give a piece of dirt telepathy again? Oh, right, it was funny in the story. Apparently, whatever Karasumori tells her about me is surprisingly not as evil as she thought it would be, because she doesn’t seem quite as tense as when I got here. If only Erika had heard, I’d be golden…well, not on her death list anyways.
“Why did you even write those stories in the first place?” Lissette asks, a little bit nicer than before, but still full of suspicion.
Oh crap, I told Irene why I wrote them before, but she said that I can’t tell them. (SPOILER ALERT) The reason I wrote it, was because I wanted to create my own version of what would have happened if Gen hadn’t died. I can’t tell them that Gen was supposed to die.
Don’t tell her! Please don’t tell her! I think, aiming the thought at Karasumori, hoping it catches the reason.
“There was a part in the original series that I didn’t like that I changed in the fan fiction that ended up changing a good amount of how it turned out…then I didn’t want it to end there and decided to make a sequel, and maybe - but I’m still debating this - turn it into a trilogy.” I tell them. Hey, I’m not lying, I’m just not saying what part I didn’t like. Luckily, my answer seems to satisfy everyone but Erika.
“What happened that you didn’t like?” Erika asks, squinting at me, knowing that I’m hiding something.
“Um…Irene told me I shouldn’t tell about that part, since the person it effects could find out and that would probably alter the fabric of reality.” I tell her, hoping it satisfies her.
“Why? Did someone die or something?”
Okay, Erika’s questions are starting to wear on my patience. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that she was asking what she knows I don’t want to answer.
“Are they in this room?”
“No, I created everyone in this room.”
“Are they close by?”
“Maybe, I’m not sure. I’m not a stalker you know.”
“Erika, she said she can’t tell us who it is, so stop asking about it.” Azza tells her, turning serious for the first time since I’ve been here. Wow, it’s a lot scarier when you see it for yourself.
Erika goes silent. I glance at Lissette. She seems to understand this.
“You should probably get going now. It’s almost time for us to leave.” She tells me. I nod, seeing that the suns setting out the window.
“See you guys around then.” I say, opening the door.
“Bye Bethany!” Azza says, cheerful once again.
“See you” Lissette says, going back to her drawing again.
“Hirr!” Fafnir says, which I’m guessing is ‘goodbye’ in dragon. Erika just glares at me as I close the door behind me, and start heading down the stairs, and out of the building.
Well, almost all of them have forgiven me. Erika still hates me, and I’m pretty sure Gen still doesn’t like me much, but Tokine is probably just wondering why I’m here, while Yoshimori…well, to tell the truth, I don’t know what he thinks of this. I guess I’ll find out.
I look at my watch. It’s almost seven. I’d better get home.

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