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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life (Chapter 16)
Chapter 16
A Bad Start To Any Day
(Old Bandage Face Starts Bugging Me)

Apparently, Irene isn’t the only one keeping an eye on me. Bet you can’t guess who started following me to school on Monday. Yep, good old bandage face, otherwise known as Kaguro. Or several other names that I’m not going to say…out loud. For now.
Okay, I had my alarm clock set earlier than everyone else’s. Don’t ask me why, I just did. Plus, I didn’t want to wait around for Trevor to wake up and get ready either, because it was raining. I know, that would usually be a reason for someone to wait, but I established earlier that I’m weird. I’m a freaking kotodama tsuki for Pete’s sake. I love rain.
So, I leave a note on the table for mom and dad so they don’t panic, grab an umbrella, (they would have killed me if I hadn’t) and decide to go walk around for a while. I’m not eager to get to school early, let’s make that clear. I am not looking forward to explaining what the heck I was doing at Karasumori last night.
I’m walking through town, just wandering around a bit, when the guy I saw yesterday on the way home, the one I thought smelled like blood, turns up a few feet away. And guess who he turns out to be? I don’t think I really need to say it. It’s pretty obvious.
I turn back and walk the other way, hoping he didn’t get the same message that Irene gave me. If he did, I’m never gonna lose him. Today, is not my lucky day. Someway, somehow, somebody must’ve leaked the info to him. Either that, or he just wants to pick a fight. The second one makes more sense.
“Up a little early, aren’t you kid?” He says, standing in front of me in a matter of milliseconds. I roll my eyes.
“And you care why?” I ask him. Well, at least he’s not sexist enough to think a girl can’t put up a fight. It’s Kaguro, that’s the only upside I can think of. He just snickers.
“Not much of a morning person, are you?” He says, still trying to provoke me. I just roll my eyes.
“Coming from a freaking ayakashi, that’s not saying much.” I mumble under my breath. He almost looks surprised. I glare at him, not caring if he figures me out or not. From what Irene told me, I could kick this guy’s butt any day. Then I remember that my powers aren’t fully awakened yet….crap. I’m a goner. He’s going to freaking kill me.
Wait, Irene said that she’d be keeping an eye on me…I wonder if she could hear me screaming bloody murder from here…no. I can take him. I can use the info I know about him against him. Like he does to everyone else, give him a taste of his own medicine.
Okay, calm down, you can handle this. Get a freaking grip Bethany. I think, trying to get myself pumped. I look him straight in the eye, dead on, not even flinching when he flashes me that creepy grin of his. Okay, I may have flinched a little. Give me a break here! I just found out that I’m not even human, and that I have the same powers as all of my story characters…wait a minute. I have the same powers as all of my story characters. Yes! Thank you brain for coming up with characters that could easily kick this guy’s butt! Okay powers, time to wake up. I do not plan on dying today.

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