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10:04 Neon: kenzie
10:04 Neon: feels the need to like
10:04 Neon: tell me she had you first
10:04 Neon: like when i said i sent you apm to htis
10:04 Neon: xD
10:04 Neon: and it's jsut like
10:04 Neon: dude,
10:04 Neon: he's not really your hubby
10:05 Kyle: LOL
10:05 Neon: i mean i call you my lover
10:05 Neon: doesn't mean im telling the truth
10:05 Kyle: xD
10:06 Neon: at least on gaia it's true
10:06 Neon: xD
10:06 Neon: she's your wife and your cheating on her with me
10:06 Kyle: Lover
10:06 Kyle: LOL
10:06 Kyle: I'm married I have a lover and a girlfriend
10:06 Kyle: Well that's interesting xD
10:06 Neon: exactly
10:06 Neon: YOU ARE A PIMP
10:06 Neon: A GAIA PIMP
10:07 Neon: and a rl pimp
10:07 Neon: not many guys i've met on gaia can land girls
10:07 Neon: not all, but many
10:08 Kyle: LOL
10:08 Kyle: I get around a lot.
10:08 Kyle: XXDDDD
10:08 Neon: xD
10:09 Kyle: Cx

conversation to keep to point out i wasn't being rude.