Hey all! Well do I have some news for you! There's site called The National Autistic Society, when you become a member you get their magazine as a subscription. And people with Aspergers like me can submit their real life stories, and each and everyone of them are put into the magazine! Which means my story I wrote below here will soon published in it! :3 I can't wait!

So I hope ya enjoy this!

Hey there! My name's Kristin. And I'm here to tell you the story about how I found out that I have Asperger Syndrome and how I've overcome it in many ways. Aspergers Syndrome is a disorder, but it has also caused me learning difficulties, so for me it's a learning disability as well.

Now I still have Aspergers, but it's gotten a whole lot better!

So are ya ready for the story? If so just sit back and relax while I tell you this tale.

This all started at the end of 6th grade. It was the month of April when one afternoon my Mom came to get me from school, during my lunch hour... She said we were going to the doctor, but I didn't understand why. I knew I wasn't sick.

I asked my Mom why I had to go... And she just told me that I'd find out soon.

We were going to see a new doctor too. His name is Dr. Xu

He's a psychiatrist, which is a physician who specializes in psychiatry. A psychiatrist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who must evaluate patients to determine whether or not their symptoms are the result of a physical illness, a combination of physical and mental, or a strictly psychiatric one.

Anyways we went to see and well my Mom told him about some things, that I did when I was younger that told her right off the bat that something was wrong.

Then responded by saying that I have Aspergers. As he explained what it was my Mom knew it made perfect sense.

So then some things changed...

My school was given the news about my disability and my teachers began to modify my work in classes, so that it wouldn't be so stressful on me.

You see stress and anxiety are common in people with Aspergers, and I've always been really anxious and stressed about school. I want to good,but at times it can be hard.

However when my work was modified I felt a lot better in school! It was just great!

And so after 6th grade ended and summer came, I was really excited for a break! But near the end of summer... Things went wrong... That did not only test how strong my family and I are, but also how I can
handle dealing with my stress and anxiety that Aspergers gives me.

While I was in 6th grade my parents divorced. My sis and I stayed with my mother... Due to the fact that my Dad isn't the most likeable person in the world.

He's an abuser... So it was really horrible living with him, which made it great when he was gone because he wasn't there starting fights in the home, or trying to control anyone.

Anyways one afternoon with my Mom was home from the store with groceries... The trouble began.

My Mom had left her phone on the counter, and when my sister came in and saw that someone left a voice mail... Well she thought it was from my Mom's work, but she was sadly mistaken.

Turns out it was my Dad's new girlfriend... My own father had given his girlfriend my Mom's number...

The lady's name was Jenny who asked in the voice mail what my dad's favourite food was... Cause my dad had told his girlfriend that he wouldn't have sex with him unless my Mom told her what it was.

My sister who has type one diabetes had a break down...

I was so mad at my father! How could he do that to us? My stress levels were off the carts... I began to sleep less and less. And not only that, but we were going to be moving soon too... So that just made me feel
worse. Having to do all that work while dealing with heart beak from a family member.

But then it got worse... The day we moved my dad and his lady friend circled our house lots of times... We had family out of town with us so they didn't stop and do anything to us, but it scared me so bad... I was so anxious that I just couldn't take it.

After the moving was over with, my dad and his girl calmed down for a little bit. Soon I began 7th grade at a new school and hoped that I would be able to focus on all the good stuff.

But I was wrong... A little while after the new school year started, my dad and his girlfriend began to
harrass my mom, Sis, and I.

I remember getting so scared that I couldn't sleep... I'd be so tired in school. I did fall asleep in classes sometimes, but luckily no one noticed because I would wake up before anyone could.

My teachers and friends began to pick up on the fact pretty quickly, that something was seriously wrong... My school contacted my mom, who then told the story about my dad and the harassment, etc.

After hearing the news, my teachers did what my 6th grade teachers did. They modified my work!

I also began going half a day to school too. They call it a modified schedule when a student only attends from 1st hour till their lunch period.

Anyways I began to feel better going only half a day... I told my friends what was going on and they understood... Well at least for the time being they did.

The abuse and harassment from my father and his stupid girlfriend got worse... I ended going on homeboud. Which is like home schooling, expect that instead of the parent teaching their child a teacher comes to the home and educates the student.

My teacher came after schools let out for the day, so we usually met around four or four thirty.

So as the year went by lots of family drama happened... I was so stressed all the time. I'd ask my mom if she was okay with me and my sister because when this was all going down my mom reacted in a way, that wasn't the best... She'd get mad easily and all that stuff.

I would ask if we were okay ever day and every night. I asked about 40 times in 24 hours... Maybe even more.

That's how horrible I felt.

The police were always at our house, I remember my dad's girlfriend nearly broke in at one point... I'd have nightmares about them. Really bad ones. My dad's girlfriend also got me and my sister's numbers too, we got threatning text messages from my dad, etc. I never felt safe.

Months and months then passed... The summer after 7th grade was quiet. No drama. No abuse. No harassment.

I became calmer. I slowly started asking my mom less and less, if everyone was okay with each other in the house and I began to feel happy again.

When all the drama happened, I was in a deep depression. I lost all my friends because when I shut down and couldn't to talk anyone... I just couldn't. Which of course led me to ignoring their texts and calls.

It's just how I deal with depression. My sis and mom react the same way to depression too, but I have yet to
meet anyone else who understands why it's hard to talk to people while you're really sad. I swear there's probably no one else who could understand...

I mean how could there be when so many people that I know, don't response to sadness that way?

Even now a days I still react the same way to depression. And I don't think that'll change.

So then summer passed and 8th grade began. I was still on homebound, but my Mom told me she wanted me to try counselling with my dad. So I could see if we could fix our relationship.

It didn't work out well it the end I'm afraid... I saw him for counselling, we began visits again, but it wasn't the same. We'd have our fights because he'd do something mean, and I'd stop talking to him for a while, then I'd want to try having a relationship with him again and again, but it just didn't work.

Today I do not see him at all. But after everything he's done I don't even feel sad about it anymore.

I do not miss him. All he is an abuser after all.

But yeah 8th grade passed, I graduated and went on to High School, where until the end of Freshman year I was still on homebound.

My mom told me we were going to an IEP meeting. Which is just a meeting with students, family members, and teachers about the student's education.

Well turns out a special Ed teacher. Who's name is Miss Diehl, heard that I had a learning disability. and that since the family drama was so hard on me, which scared me to go back to school wanted to help.

This teacher recommended special education for me at the meeting. You see I had been in Special Ed before, but that was way back in 1st grade the year I was held back, but because of not being in school much due to some issues back then they took it away. Ever since then I was regular Ed classes. I passed the courses fine, but I had work harder because of my Aspergers. And believe me... At times that was really hard.

There are times I think about it and wonder how I passed, but hey I did really well so that's good!

In freshman year of High School I was a High Honor Roll student and still am this year. (I'm in 10th grade now)

So despite having a disability I made great accomplishments!

But anyways My mom and I had no idea that I actually qualified for the special education classes, until that day when Miss Diehl told us I did.

It was great! She explained that I wouldn't have to change classes, expect for lunch, but since the whole class eats together I wouldn't be alone.

After the meeting that day I got to go see the classroom, meet the students a little, and the other Special Ed teachers.

After that I was allowed to actually come in during school hours, while still being on homebound to attend classes there in the Special Ed room and meet new friends.

I became more confident, more happy, and I was loving every second that I was with my new friends, at the High School.

So by the end of freshmen year everything was great. I was more than ready to go back in the fall to attend school full time.

And now I even have my very own book published. You see writing has always been my passion and I always wanted to be an author. I wrote a novel during Freshman year, and well now it's out there in print! It's called The Kitsune Masters. It's out in paperback right now, and will be online for people to buy soon. No one can buy it in paperback though. I'm using Create Space. A do it yourself publishing company. Only I can order copies of the books. I am now doing what I always wanted to do! Soon more books I've written will be out too! So yeah this how I've managed to overcome my disability in many ways. Cause even if I learn differently it doesn't mean I cannot do the things, that people who don't have disabilities can do.

. -Kristin