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Sheisiri's Secret Book of Evilness
Um....This is really just a place to put some ideas I don't want in a test thread...So, yeah...
Soul Witch and Contract Witch
Soul Witch: A witch created from a Contract Witch that has devoured the soul of a Demon or Angel. As with the Angels or Demons, a Soul Witch can see the souls of beings, living or dead. However, for reasons not yet known, Soul Witches have the potential to command ghosts, or other souls of dead beings, because of the Demon or Angel that they have devoured. This can sometimes mean zombies, but only if they are created with souls, not just reanimated, and as such, are often confused with Necromancers. They are not. Soul Witches also have the ability to tell how long a person has to live, but the degree and clarity greatly depends on the level of the Witch. They can cause a person to live longer than normal by using their own soul-life, which measures how long they will live themselves. They can extend they own soul-life by devouring, or absorbing, the souls of living people. The more souls they absorb, the longer they will live, but this does not increase their strength as well; unless that soul is of a Demon or Angel. If the Soul Witch absorbs another Angel or Demon, they will temporarily gain a boost in physical strength and senses, as well as a stronger soul strength. However, most rarely find it in them to attempt to absorb another Demon or Angel, for fear of death. Other than that, their powers don't grow at all, even with time. They may grow into their abilities, but they have a set limit of how strong they will be.
And because Soul Witches require that a Contract Witch absorb an Angel or Demon, they are exceedingly rare. On average, there was been one every two-hundred years that has been recorded. They have the potential to live forever, but that is only if they aren't killed, and feed enough to keep extending their soul life. And absorbing souls isn't just to keep extending their life, they need to absorb at least one soul once a month to keep in a relative healthy condition.

Platinum: This is the highest level of Soul Witch to ever be found or heard of. They can clearly see any ghost, wraith or trapped soul, and command any of them without a problem. Their estimations of a person's death is within days of it actually happening, the largest margin of error being six days. And it only takes one of their own years to extend another's soul life by one (1:1 ratio).
Gold: The second highest level of Soul Witch, they can see ghosts and command them, but only those of weaker strength. There are some ghosts that will be able to resist their commands, but for the most part, they can control them. They can estimate a person's life to with in a couple of weeks, sometimes days if they are lucky. Extending another's soul life takes about five of their's to every one they give.
Silver: The next lowest level of Soul Witch, these witches can actually see the ghosts, but again, only have a high chance of persuading ghosts to do as they wish. Their estimation of a person's life-span is more accurate, narrowing it down to within a couple of months, not years as in Bronze. And when extending another's life, it takes about ten years to every one they give.
Bronze: This is the lowest level of Soul Witches. They can sense ghosts, and have a high chance of persuading them to do what they wish, but cannot completely control them. They can guess how long a person has to live, but cannot give an accurate time. They have a tough time extending another's soul-life, and it takes about fifteen of their years to every one they give.


Contract Witch: A witch that enters in contracts to produce energy for a single, supernatural partner. All contracts are eternally binding, on both sides, and cannot be broken except in the case of death. Once a contract is created, the witch cannot create another contract with another partner; but the partner can have multiple contracts with multiple witches. Contract Witches are used for creating usable energy from one of the most powerful energy sources to be found: souls. They can absorb souls, which are unavailable for all but a few of the ones creating contracts with them. Once the souls have been absorbed, the witches then 'refine' the souls into easily usable energy, often putting the energy into bottles for storage; though, they can put it directly into their partner if they are right there.
In return for this highly potent energy source, their partner is to protect them from any and all supernatural dangers, seeing as they are often targeted by other 'customers' that have been denied their contract. That doesn't mean Contract Witches cannot protect themselves if the need arises. They actually can make a human bend to their will, or be forever in their service, if they so wish. Most Contract Witches, however, do not wish to enslave others, finding it too tedious to keep them forever. Once a person is enslaved by one, they cannot be let go. They cannot, however, enslave or absorb souls that are more powerful then they are, which is why Soul Witches are so rare. Demons and Angels are almost always stronger than a witch.

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