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Random stuff about my life.
hmmm my life on paper s**t im gunna be terriblie at this
Some awful writing I did once.
What if love was just a story?
What if Love was just a story that our parents tell us to give us hope of absolute happiness?
What if No one is truly happy together?
What would this world be like without "Love"?
What would the world be like without Happiness?
Is Love really just told to us so we can keep the Human race alive?
Is it truly just our "Animal" Instinct
Are you happy?

Now ask yourself what You would do to be happy.

I find my own questions difficult to answer, How pathetic of me. It is indeed true that Love is just a story, but honestly I think The happiness isn't from love itself. I think the happiness comes from spending your life with someone you have those feelings for. The girl you sneak off with during the night, or the girl You spend countless hours just chatting to on the phone, Treasuring every last word. Those memories are the important part of the feelings people call "Love". You can't go out with people just looking for love. If it's meant to be it will be, and if you have nothing to remember what is the purpose? You must build up from nothing, let it grow slowly over time, and eventually it will come. What is more special than Sitting in bed all night thinking about that one special person with butterflies growing inside you tummy. I couldn't imagine a world where everyone is upset...And It really troubles me to even think of a place like that. Although, maybe love isn't the only happiness we should search for. We should all enjoy our life and live to the fullest. This is very important for teenagers, Enjoy the years because they will fly by like nothing. It's been nearly three years since I felt love for the first time, and I am damn happy about it. I don't look back on the heartbreak as a bad thing, but as something that opened up a new world for me. I now wait for the right person to come along...Because love isn't about searching, but waiting...Love will find you. I am ready for it to hit at any moment, with any person...Now or later only God knows. This is what I believe to be the purpose of life, not to just live unhappy because love is a huge boost to our lives. This may not be absolute happiness, but I would love to feel it for most of my life with that one special person.
Hmph, Too bad nothing goes as planned.(Feel free to steal this idgaf.)

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