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[Drabble] I'm the Only One
That's it. Goemon was done. I'm gonna die.

Gasping, the red-haired ninja coughed up some blood, his arm clutching at his chest as he doubled over in agony, pain seemingly running from his heart to the rest of his body. Can pain even do that? Apparently it could.

He coughed again as Musashi the swordsman stood over him, his two blades pointed downward, poised for the killing strike. He somehow managed to glare upward at that sneering face, only to be stepped on by the ronin's dirty foot.

"Is this all Iga's top ninja could do?" the warrior said, smirking as he dug his heel deeper into Goemon's wound, making the ninja grit his teeth, "pitiful."

"Shut up, moss head," was the red-haired's genius response as he clenched his fingers into a fist, his knuckles turning white from the blood loss and the pressure.

Musashi's eyes flashed, "what did you call me?!"

The ronin raised his arms in a rage, preparing to bring down his weapons onto Goemon's neck, the sharp blade aimed directly for the killing blow. Even so, Goemon wasn't afraid. He was sure she would come.

And just like he anticipated, the battle was intercepted by a blur of black and blue.

Goemon summoned the last of his strength to grin, "hey... sweet cheeks."

The opposing warrior took a couple of steps back as Satsuya stepped over her comrade's fallen body, her hair fluttering around her ankles. If Goemon was in a more accommodating position, he would be able to see her panties (but alas that was not the case...)

"I'm the only one allowed to kill Goemon," she said, bringing her arms up in an attack position, "and don't call me sweet cheeks."